Apple’s iOS 6 Passbook Adds American Express To Its Collection

Apple’s highly anticipated operating system upgrade to iOS 6 brought some unique features along with it, including the cohesive virtual wallet, Passbook. AppleMagazine has already done a feature pertaining to Passbook if you’re not “in the loop” yet and wish to find out more about this helpful tool.

It’s still in its growing phases though, and although there are a number of good, popular, programs available for use with Passbook, it’s missing a slew of big names. But today the app grew by one more, adding a “pass” for all of you American Express Credit Card users out there. This new addition will allow American Express cardholders to check a variety of important account information, including spending updates, purchases, and a current running balance for their account. There will also be quick access “customer service” shortcuts that will put you in quick contact with support.

This pass is not, however, an actual credit card. You will not be able to scan your phone in place of your card in order to buy goods. This tool is simply a means for customers to gain quick access to credit information without having to log onto the American Express website.

If you’re interested in grabbing the American Express Passbook Pass to use in conjunction with your AMEX card account, then simply access the “Passbook App Store” from the Passbook application. Once you have the app, you’ll still have to sign up on the company’s website in order to activate the service. This tool should work for any valid AMEX card account.

Photo Credit: American Express

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