Apple’s Next-Gen CarPlay Debuts in Porsche & Aston Martin Models Apple has just reached its end-of-2023 target, unveiling a significant CarPlay upgrade in Porsche and Aston Martin vehicles. This enhancement transforms CarPlay from a mere infotainment system into a comprehensive dashboard and driver information interface.

Next Generation CarPlay Aston Martin
Next Generation CarPlay Aston Martin | Source: Apple Inc.

Initially previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2022, Apple’s revamped CarPlay signifies a shift in automotive interaction.

Far from being a standard infotainment system, this upgrade encompasses the entire dashboard and driver information clusters, revolutionizing the driver’s experience. The update was partially seen as Apple’s move to retain its foothold in the automotive industry, amidst trends of manufacturers distancing themselves from CarPlay. Despite these industry shifts, Apple has successfully rolled out the new system within its late 2023 timeframe.

Cool Hunting reports that Porsche and Aston Martin are adopting this advanced system, tailoring it to their distinct brand aesthetics. Apple’s Vice President of Human Interface Design, Alan Dye, emphasized the collaboration with automakers in creating a unified experience that merges Apple’s expertise with each brand’s unique identity. “It is a blend of a user’s personal experience of iPhone paired with a celebration of the strong brand identity of each automaker,” Dye elaborated.

The new CarPlay integrates the advanced capabilities of the car with the power of the iPhone, offering a comprehensive system of controls for smooth interactions between vehicle functions and iPhone features. Apple has released preliminary images showcasing how the system will appear in both Porsche and Aston Martin models.

Porsche’s approach to CarPlay customization aligns with its iconic three-dial layout, including the speedometer. This design reflects Porsche’s historic gauge arrangement, with circular graphics and a traditional CarPlay setup for music and other apps positioned beside the steering wheel.

Michael Mauer, Porsche’s Vice President of Style, highlighted the importance of digital offerings tailored to Porsche customers, mentioning the integration of the My Porsche app into CarPlay and future support for this next-gen system in Porsche models.

Aston Martin’s take on CarPlay, detailed by Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer Marco Mattiacci, focuses on performance and excellence. The customization mirrors Aston Martin’s minimalist style and heritage, featuring a two-dial system and British racing green accents. A tachometer proudly displays “Handbuilt in Great Britain”, underscoring the brand’s legacy.

Aston Martin plans to incorporate the new CarPlay into its lineup during 2024, while Porsche has yet to announce a specific launch date for its implementation.

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