Ark7 Review: Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment on iOS The new online real estate investment app is making waves - and we're here to review it.

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  • Many quality investment opportunities
  • Low investing minimums
  • Bonus for new investors
  • Join 50,000+ investors
  • Monthly dividends and secondary market


  • Accredited investors gain additional features
  • Requires investment knowledge
  • Platform is new
  • Risk of capital loss

In an era of technology increasingly democratizing various sectors, Ark7 stands out as a game-changer in real estate investment. Founded by former tech leaders from Google and LinkedIn, Ark7 is a tech-enabled, SEC-qualified fractional real estate platform that has already made waves in the industry. 

With a portfolio clocking in at $16 million and a vibrant community of nearly 50,000 active users, Ark7 is making real estate investment accessible, transparent, and simplified. But what sets Ark7 apart from its competitors?

Today, AppleMagazine is delving deeper into this innovative platform.

Effortless Earnings Potential 

Ark7 distinguishes itself through an innovative share-centric approach, enabling people to dip their toes into the property market according to their financial comfort and risk appetite. This is a marked departure from conventional property investment, often demanding hefty initial outlays and continual oversight.

Ark7 has engineered a system that consistently funnels passive income to its stakeholders. Ark7 is more than just a platform – it’s a shift in how we approach and interact with property and could revolutionize investing for good. 

Scalability & Flexibility

By bringing together long-term, mid-term, and short-term Airbnb rentals into its property portfolio, Ark7 offers a multifaceted approach to property investment. This judicious blend maximizes rental yield and strikes a balanced correlation between risk and reward.

With an entry point as low as $20 and no obligatory minimum investment, Ark7 affords an unmatched level of flexibility and scalability. This is especially advantageous for investment novices or those hesitant to commit large financial resources to a singular venture.

How to Start as a Real Estate Investor

Initiating a venture into property investment has historically been a daunting task. However, Ark7’s user-friendly interface, exhaustive data sets, and robust toolset make it accessible even for beginners.

Open to accredited and non-accredited investors, the platform levels the playing field in property investment. This open-door policy represents a monumental leap in dismantling the traditional barriers that have made property investment an exclusive domain for the affluent or financially astute.

Introducing the Ark7 iOS App

Ark7’s iOS app takes user experience to the next level. With full disclosure of property legal and financial information, portfolio management, and monthly cash distribution tracking, the app puts you in control of your investments. The app is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, ensuring that even those with limited experience in real estate investment can easily navigate the platform.

The app has an intuitive onboarding experience and is designed so that pre-existing knowledge is not necessary. Security is also an important factor – user data is collected by a third-party vendor, and encrypted for protection.

Share-Based Investment Model

The share-based investment model is one of Ark7’s standout features. It allows real estate investment to become more accessible and flexible. You’re not buying property; you’re buying shares in a property, thus significantly lowering the entry barrier.


Ark7 stands out for its commitment to transparency. Investors can access extensive market data and operational details and are informed about their investment progress. This level of openness is rare in an industry often criticized for its opacity.


Ark7’s SEC-qualified status ensures a safe and reliable investment environment. This qualification brings credibility and trust to the platform that needs to be improved in the real estate investment space.

Monthly Rental Dividend

Monthly dividends provide investors with a regular and steady cash flow from their investments. This is a significant advantage over other platforms that may only offer quarterly or annual dividends.

Secondary Market

Ark7 offers a secondary market where investors can trade shares of properties. This feature provides liquidity to investors who want to sell their shares before the property’s hold period ends, a flexibility often missing in other real estate investment platforms.

Light-Fee Structure

Ark7 has a transparent and competitive fee structure, including sourcing and management fees. All of these are included in each property’s financial breakdowns, ensuring no hidden costs.

Customer Service

Ark7 is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. They’ve integrated with Chat-GPT, a leading AI technology, to ensure more responsive and efficient communication. This allows them to quickly address investor concerns and provide a smooth, worry-free investment experience while maintaining a human touch when needed.

Potential Drawbacks

The Platform is New

Ark7 was established in 2019, though it’s important to note that the investment risks associated with Ark7 primarily stem from market fluctuations, rather than from the platform’s novelty. The legal structure of Ark7 ensures that the platform’s operation and the profits and losses from the properties are kept separate, giving an additional layer of protection to investors. This should offer you peace of mind when investing.

Lack of Managerial Control

As fractional owners, investors have limited control over the underlying property and its management. This lack of control may concern some investors who prefer to have more hands-on involvement in their investments.

Risk of Capital Loss

Like any investment, there’s a risk involved when using the Ark7 platform. Real estate values can fluctuate, and unexpected events such as economic downturns (we’re looking at you, COVID-19!) can negatively impact the performance of real estate investments.

Less Taxation Flexibility

Ark7 prepares and issues 1099-DIV forms to users when they invest on the platform, allowing them to be used when filing taxes. This means users don’t have to complete the forms themselves. So, whilst investing in property on a platform might not be as flexible from a taxation perspective as investing on your own, there are several tax benefits associated with real estate investment, like depreciation.

Fees & Pricing Structure

The Ark7 platform is free to charge, but the platform charges a one-time sourcing fee and a monthly asset management fee for each property. A Sourcing Fee is charged at 3% of the Property Market Cap and an Asset Management Fee is charged monthly at 8-15%.

Long-Term Prospects

Ark7 appears well-funded, having received tranches of funding amounting to $16 million. With a cash-generating business model and a growing community, Ark7 seems poised for long-term success.

Is Ark7 Right for You?

If you’re a risk-tolerant investor looking for a new way to make investments in real estate and generate passive income, Ark7 could be the perfect fit for your needs. However, other options might be more suitable if you prefer more control or are looking for higher returns. 

Ark7 is not just another real estate investment platform, it’s a new approach to making real estate investment simple, accessible, and transparent. With its robust features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to investor success, Ark7 sets a new industry standard.

Sign Up for Ark7

Getting started is easy. You’re good to go if you have a United States bank account and a social security number, and you can take advantage of incredible investment opportunities like Urbana-S11, a property that’s literally across the street from the prestigious University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)! Urbana-S11 is a spacious 7-bedroom home, perfectly positioned for student tenants seeking convenience and comfort – and the ideal starting point for would-be investors. 

Click here to find out more and get started with Ark7 today.

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