Best solitaire games to play on iPhone & iPad


Solitaire will remain one of the most popular card games for a long time, and there’s no wonder why. The game can become insanely addictive, as it induces the player into a soft meditative state when he only has to compete against himself. But there are many situations when you cannot carry a deck of cards along with you anywhere you go. 

As there are digital adaptations for dozens of card and board games, the same goes for Solitaire. And interestingly enough, Solitaire has probably hundreds of variations to play with Klondike Solitaire being the most played. There are many apps that let you play the famous game directly on your iPhone or iPad:

Card Shark Solitaire

Price: Free

You know what they say that you don’t get too much quality from a free app, but this one is an exception. With Card Shark Solitaire, you’ll get a multitude of different variations of the famous card game. There are even a lot of custom effects that you can add yourself. Just in case you’ll need more Solitaire games, you have to aim for the paid version of the app.

Card Shark implies using an intuitive drag and drop system to make the gameplay very comfortable. The piles will be automatically split using simple drag and drop gestures. The app includes a lot of supported games, such as: 

  • Klondike (Classic Solitaire)
  • 13 Packs (aka Grandma’s Game)
  • Royal Cotillion
  • Blackjack
  • Speed
  • Batsford Solitaire
  • Josephine
  • Red & Black
  • Sea Towers
  • Crazy Eights
  • Euchre (US)
  • Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better Draw Poker

Solitaire 7

Price $0.99

Solitaire 7 allows you to play the classic Klondike card game, and it’s focused on being suited for iOS 7. The interface looks very friendly and intuitive, and the collection includes 35 of the most popular versions of Solitaire, whether you want to choose from Free Cells, Klondike, Alaska, Spider, and more.

There are plenty of exciting game features here, and we can mention:

  • Two vector decks and seven-card backs for all screen resolutions, including 4K;
  • Support for portrait and landscape orientations;
  • A useful help system for beginners: detailed description of the rules for each Solitaire game;
  • Undo your moves;
  • Try out five kinds of card deck;
  • Sound FX;
  • Seven kinds of card backs having color-chooser;
  • The localization of card ranks option for vector decks;

Solitaire City

Price: $1.99

We have to admit that we all hate ads, except for those who make them. Probably the best thing about Solitaire City is that it contains no trace of any ads! In this game, you’ll find a nice collection of top Solitaire versions such as Yukon, Pyramid, Klondike, and a lot more. Solitaire City is optimized enough for both smartphones and tablets, as it takes full advantage of all screen sizes.

Once you choose to upgrade to Solitaire City Deluxe using a single in-app purchase, you’ll also get to enjoy the following games as well:

  • La Belle Lucie
  • Demon Fan
  • Shamrocks
  • Alternations (4 variations)
  • Tri-Peaks (2 variations)
  • Three Shuffles and a Draw
  • Eliminator (3 variations)
  • Spider One, Two, and Four Suits
  • FreeCell (7 variations including Microsoft game numbers)
  • Pyramid (4 variations)
  • Poker Squares (4 variations)
  • Golf solitaire (4 variations)
  • Baker’s Dozen
  • Scorpion One, Two, and Four Suits
  • Accordion (2 variations) (NEW)
  • Casket (2 variations)
  • Demon/Canfield (4 variations)
  • Cribbage Squares (3 variations)
  • Super Flower Garden
  • Fan


Solitaire is a pretty old game, as the Microsoft version of it for PC is over three decades old. The word ‘Solitaire’ comes from the Latin word ‘Solitarius’.

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