College: Content production using iPad as your main computer

Have you been going to school for years? If your answer is yes, you likely studied with textbooks. Textbooks were not only expensive but also tiring to read. Most students never felt comfortable carrying books around. Thanks to technology, the education sector has evolved rapidly. Today, all you need is a computer or tablet to attend lectures, work on school projects and write exams

Professors have allowed students to use search engines like Google to find relevant sources of information. This has made the research and writing process fun and easy. Apple’s iPad is popular among most college students today. If you would like to use your iPad as your primary computer, especially in text production, there are a few tips that you should use. This article will help you achieve this goal.

Learning process

There are five important stages in college studying. They include:

  • Research
  • Synthesis
  • Formulating responses
  • Studying exams
  • Preserving knowledge

You can use your iPad in all these learning stages. If you are wondering whether it’s possible, I am going to show you how.

  • Research: You can use your iPad to capture, store and find all kinds of data. By using the right apps, you can record your tutor while taking notes or reading a textbook on your screen. The iPad also maintains a high level of portability to make studying easy.
  • Synthesis: While there are lots of powerful computers in the world, the one in your head is extremely capable. Unfortunately, your mind needs regular rest to perform optimally. To make the most out of your brain, you should offload information to another brain. By using your iPad, you’ll get to offload information so that you can think clearly and make the right decisions.
  • Formulating responses: You should keep in mind that writing exams and completing your school projects aren’t the last steps of the learning journey. You don’t need lots of information to complete your assignment. You need to retain important concepts and find a service to get an essay done and advance your learning. You have to formulate responses in college to learn, make connections and deepen your understanding. By using your tests and assignments wisely, you’ll learn how to retrieve information.
  • Studying exams: There are a lot of students who prepare for exams in the wrong manner. They spend a lot of time re-reading and re-summarizing a topic that they’ve consumed multiple times. You need to figure out which study techniques work for you. Do you love reading, listening to lectures, watching videos, or using images to learn? By understanding how you grasp information, you can easily choose a method that works for you to recall information easily.

Using the iPad as your main mobile device

Invest in a real keyboard and mouse

The lack of a mouse was one of the biggest issues that made it difficult for most students to use the iPad as their primary computer. However, the latest software updates have given the iPad trackpad support and an external mouse. However, before getting a mouse, you should consider investing in a keyboard. 

You can connect your Bluetooth keyboard to your gadget and start typing right away. Getting a keyboard cover will make your iPad look more like a desktop. Apple has released lots of keyboard covers with amazing features. For instance, if you have an iPad Pro, you should invest in the trackpad-free Smart Keyboard Folio.  There are lots of third-party keyboards in the market. Such keyboards can greatly improve your experience without additional costs.

iPad and Black Magic Mouse

Get a stand

If you want to use your iPad as your main computer, you need to prioritize your health. Without a good stand, you’ll suffer from poor posture because you’ll spend most of your time hunched over. A poor posture will lead to strain, back pain, and burnout. By investing in a stand, everything will change. You will maintain a good posture and improve your productivity and performance.

iPad and Magic Keyboard

Manage your apps and pages effectively

Knowing how to manage apps and pages on your iPad is one of the most difficult things to do in college. While it’s easy on a computer, you’ll be required to drag your apps on an iPad, hold them in place, and swipe them towards a specific part of your screen for multitasking. The split view feature allows you to use two apps simultaneously. 

You can use up to three apps at the same time. To use the multitasking feature of your iPad, you should open the app and place it in the dock. Then, you can select another app and drag it on top of or next to the current app. Repeat the process with a third app. While it’s an amazing feature, it’s not perfect. You’ll have to keep switching between apps. Remember, not all apps support this feature.

iPad and Apple Pencil | Content production, writing and drawing

Technology has changed the education sector. Today, you don’t have to spend lots of hours studying with textbooks. With a computer or tablet, you can easily find what you need online, and save and revisit it whenever you want. Instead of investing in a computer, you can use your iPad to research, learn, write exams and achieve your academic goals. All you have to do is invest in the right equipment and have an open mind.

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