Computers: Why iPad Pro is worth the investment

Coming in 11- and 12.9-inch versions, the iPad Pro stands at the top of the tablet game. At 5.9 millimeters, not is it just one of the thinnest tablets on the market but also the lightest. The 11-inch iPad Pro weighs only a pound while the 12.9-inch design weighs 25 percent less than its standard counterpart. Plus, the iPad Pro packs a powerful punch with many new features not found in Apple’s standard iPad and the iPad Air. Here are just some of the attributes that make the iPad Pro such as great investment. 

Liquid Retina Display

The iPad Pro’s liquid retina display ensures vibrant colors and optimum sharpness. Basically, a liquid retina display is an LCD screen that features rounded corners and less bezels, making the iPad Pro a device with one of the best displays on the market. The iPad Pro display has 120 Hz refresh rates, making it more responsive to the touch. 

Face ID and Security

Unlike some other Apple devices, the iPad Pro does not feature a home button or touch ID. Instead, the device comes with Face ID, which lets you access it without typing in a password or touching the pad. Face ID can make your life a whole lot easier while you work, as it means that you can unlock your tablet without removing your hands from the keyboard. You can also use Face ID to access secure apps or enable Apple Pay to make a purchase. As the iPad Pro does not have a home button, you can bring the device to life by simply tapping it.

Quad Speakers

If you have not enjoyed listening to audio on your previous tablets, the stereo separation and balanced audio of the iPad Pro is likely to change your mind. The iPad Pro features four stereo speakers. All four speakers handle bass, with the two top speakers also producing mids and highs. The audio adjusts depending on the positioning of the device. 

Smart Keyboard Folio

iPad keyboards have come a long way over the years. The Smart Keyboard Folio being a case in point. The keyboard case, which attaches magnetically to the iPad, lets you snap the screen into two different angles. When not in use, the Smart Keyboard Folio can also serve as a protective cover for both the front and back of your tablet. The keyboard requires no charging or pairing with your iPad—you simply attach it and start typing.

Apple Pencil

The iPad Pro utilizes Apple Pencil 2, which is a wireless stylus that can easily turn the device into a notepad or a canvas. The updated pencil offers a double tap function for swapping tools and extra interactivity and wireless charging. It also magnetically connects to the iPad so you always know where to find it. To charge the pencil, simply plug it into the lightning connector on your iPad or use the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter that should have come with your Apple Pencil. 

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