Craig Federighi says Apple could change Siri on iPadOS

Craig Federighi has confirmed that Apple will look into the way Siri is displayed on the iPad in future releases of iPadOS.

In iOS 13, Apple finally caved in and introduced a new way to manage volume on the iPhone and iPad, with the previous HUD taking over the whole screen and causing annoyance when watching videos or listening to music.

Many had hoped Apple would introduce a similar feature for Siri, which currently takes over the entire screen on both iPad and iPhone, despite the functionality requiring only a small percentage of the screen to perform well.

On macOS, for example, Siri pops up in the right-hand side of the screen in a similar manner to a notification, offering a distraction-free experience that allows users to continue to be productive whilst talking to the voice-controlled assistant. As iPad is promoted as an alternative to the Mac, surely the same should apply there?

According to social media, Craig Federighi – Apple’s vice president of software – has confirmed that the company will now look into this feature for a future release of iPadOS.

User Juliano Rossi sent Apple an email to request the feature, and he received a response directly.

Responding to Juliano, Craig said: “Thanks for the comment. Glad to know you liked the presentation. What you have described is certainly valid feedback. Unfortunately, this is not something we can add last minute but we will certainly consider for the future. Craig.”

Since then, iHelp BR has mocked up a proposed change to Siri on iPadOS, showing what the feature could look like if it followed the macOS model. “With the iPadOS, Apple took the opportunity to make the tablet system even more complete and different compared to what exists on the iPhone,” they said in a blog post. “It’s not hard to imagine a change in Siri from the iPad to bring it closer to the experience that already exists on the Mac.”

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