Facebook will fold Messenger back into main app

An internal memo from Facebook, leaked to the press, has confirmed that Facebook will fold the Messenger experience back into the main Facebook app.

The company is reportedly planning to ‘transform’ the Facebook app and take inspiration from TikTok due to falling demand. It’s thought that Facebook will soon begin recommending posts from a whole manner of people and places, rather than only showing users content from people they follow, in an effort to spark more engagement and increase dwell time on the platform.

Messenger will also close down as a standalone app, and the core functionality will be baked into Facebook once again. Messenger messages could also be available through WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook is reportedly planning to combine recommended posts with Reels. Speaking of the changes, a company executive said: “The risk for us is that we dismiss this as being not valuable to people as a form of social communication and connection and we fail to evolve.”

It’s thought that the new Facebook will be more of a visual, video-heavy experience with more prompts to direct message friends to a post. Ultimately, the company has made it clear that it’s worried about the rise of TikTok and the impact that it’s having on engagement on Facebook.

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