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Faraday Future Shows Electric Concept Supercar, the FFZERO1

The mysterious new car maker Faraday Future has shown off its first prototype electric supercar, called the FFZERO1, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The company has posted various details about the car, which is visually strongly reminiscent of the Batmobile, on a special page of its website. Faraday claims that the impressive vehicle has been designed “from the inside out”, making note of features including adaptive personalization, real time data visualization, and seamless transfer of custom vehicle configurations.

Faraday adds that the car is projected to reach 60 miles per hour within three seconds, and boast a maximum speed of 200 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the interior user interface is intended to offer integration between virtual and head-up displays, plus remote vehicle setup by smartphone.

This last detail is especially intriguing given that Faraday Future has been rumored to be a front company for Apple’s secret car initiative, Project Titan. This “dummy” theory has since been dismissed by credible sources, but there remains no mention of Faraday Future’s CEO on the company’s website.

Very aptly given the supposed Apple connection, there is now also a Faraday Future Concept App which enables exploration of the FFZERO1 Concept in 3D on iOS devices.

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