Final Cut Camera for iPhone Now Available on the App Store Apple has released Final Cut Camera for iPhone, providing creators with professional video capture and control tools directly on their devices.

Final Cut Camera is an innovative video capture app that allows creators to wirelessly connect and remotely control each video angle with professional-grade tools.

Initially introduced as a companion tool for controlling the iPhone camera from an iPad, it also functions as a standalone app on the iPhone.

With this app, users can adjust settings such as white balance and manual focus, while monitoring contrast and color range, and measuring audio levels. It offers ISO and shutter speed controls and allows easy switching between resolutions and video formats. The user-friendly interface also displays the iPhone’s battery level and remaining storage capacity.

A notable feature is the ability to disable the iPhone’s built-in stabilization, which is particularly useful when using a gimbal.

When paired with an iPad, the app can mirror the iPhone’s camera, enabling users to control settings from the larger iPad screen while the iPhone is mounted on a tripod.

Pro Controls & Features

Final Cut Camera puts users in the director’s chair with intuitive professional controls for the entire video production process.

It enables seamless initiation of a Live Multicam session by connecting up to four devices running Final Cut Camera, allowing for previewing, recording, and syncing video angles in Final Cut Pro for iPad.

The app includes powerful settings such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and manual focus. Users can customize resolution, frame rate, color space, and more.

It also features focus peaking and overexposure indicators to help users monitor their video. These tools are designed to help dial in the perfect shot for professional videos.

Seamless Integration & Availability

With Final Cut Camera, users can easily transfer media to a Final Cut project on the iPad or save footage directly to connected external storage. The app is available for free on the App Store and requires an iPhone running iOS 17.4 or later, although some features necessitate the latest iPhone models.

Enhanced User Experience

The integration between Final Cut Camera and Final Cut Pro for iPad is seamless, enhancing the user experience by providing a unified platform for video production.

This connection allows for advanced editing capabilities directly from the iPad, making it easier for creators to manage their projects from start to finish without needing multiple devices or software solutions.

The ability to control the iPhone’s camera from an iPad not only adds convenience, but also extends the functionality of both devices.

For instance, filmmakers can place the iPhone in hard-to-reach places while using the iPad to control and monitor the shot, ensuring they capture the desired footage without compromising on quality or control.

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Professional-Grade Features for Everyone

Final Cut Camera democratizes professional video production by bringing high-end features to a broader audience. Whether you are a professional filmmaker or an amateur enthusiast, the app’s intuitive controls and advanced features provide the tools needed to create high-quality videos.


As technology evolves, the potential for iPhone video production continues to grow. Apple’s introduction of Final Cut Camera is a significant step in this direction, highlighting the company’s commitment to empowering creators with potent, accessible tools for professional content creation.

The ability to use advanced settings and controls directly from a mobile device not only streamlines the production process, but also opens new possibilities for creative expression.

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