iOS 17.4 Introduces Virtual Card Number for Apple Cash iOS 17.4 brings a novel feature to Apple Cash, allowing users to generate a virtual card number for online shopping where Apple Pay isn't an option.

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iOS 17.4, currently in beta, is setting a new stage for Apple Cash users by introducing a virtual card number feature, an update gleaned from Reddit discussions. This enhancement marks a significant departure from the traditional use of Apple Cash, which until now, was strictly tied to Apple Pay, offering no card number for transactions.

Apple Cash, known for its prepaid debit card functionality, enables users to send money to friends and family, transfer funds to a bank, or offset their Apple Card balance.

The introduction of the virtual card number feature in iOS 17.4 expands Apple Cash’s usability beyond the confines of Apple Pay. A notification within the Wallet app prompts users to “Set Up Virtual Card Number”,  aiming to bolster transaction security by generating a unique security code for each purchase.

This feature not only enhances security but also integrates with Safari AutoFill, facilitating online shopping in scenarios where Apple Pay is not supported.

Activating the Apple Cash virtual card number allows users to view their card details and create new card numbers and security codes, mirroring the capabilities previously exclusive to the Apple Card credit card.

This move broadens the utility and flexibility of the Apple Cash debit card, aligning it more closely with the functionalities offered by contemporary financial tools.

Although this feature is currently being tested by iOS 17.4 beta users, its availability may vary among Apple Cash accounts.

The full rollout of iOS 17.4, along with the virtual card number feature for Apple Cash, is anticipated for the public in early March, heralding a significant update for Apple Pay users and an expansion of the digital wallet’s capabilities.

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