Great iPhone Puzzle Games that Won’t Cost You a Cent

Free games, it is fair to say, don’t always get the most positive press. Some free games, for example, can feel like they have been cobbled together in a hurry, while others can be almost unplayable unless you pay to unlock extra features within the app. Still, there can be some genuine diamonds in the rough. Here are two games that are recommended if you fancy some puzzle gaming on your iPhone but, for one reason or another, don’t want to pay a cent for it.


Many of the best puzzle games can seem incredibly simple, but actually turn out to be devilishly addictive when you play them. This game can be a good case in point. Players take turns to create a word from letters in a grid – and, with each turn, all of the letter tiles used change to the color pre-assigned to the player. The winner is whoever, come the game’s end, has changed more tiles to their color.

Great iPhone Puzzle Games That Won't Cost You a Cent


As you might have already guessed from the title, this game has an art theme. It’s quite a relaxing game, too. You play by swiping to move various colored ‘paint’ blobs and, wherever you need to, mixing the blobs with other colors. The ultimate aim is to color each node in the appropriate color while keeping the number of necessary ‘brush strokes’ to a minimum.

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