How brands are marketing on TikTok

Have you recently noticed a flood of new businesses taking over social media, TikTok in particular? Have you ever thought about how this actually works and how these brands are managing to become successful by making use of TikTok marketing?

Launched in 2016, TikTok is relatively new to the social media game, but this hasn’t stopped it from being one of the biggest and most successful social media platforms to date, with over 1 billion active users monthly. Not only do people use TikTok for normal social media things like entertainment and have a platform to express themselves, but businesses and brands are also taking massive advantage of it because if the reach it allows them to have worldwide, and there are many growth services such as TokUpgrade, that help to increase TikTok followers. In the past few years of people marketing their brands and businesses on TikTok, a new form has emerged to suit the style of this community. 

If you are wanting to market your own brand or business on TikTok, it is in your best interest to learn how other brands do it. If you want some inspiration, here is how brands are marketing on TikTok. 

Use the best hashtags

One of the most misunderstood and under-utilized tools that TikTok, and any other social media platform, has to offer, is hashtags. Hashtags are keywords that follow a pound sign and are placed into the caption of the user’s posts. Other users can then look up this keyword and see every other post that has ever been posted on the platform with the same hashtag. 

Hashtags are a fantastic tool for businesses and brands to make use of because it allows them to reach so many people that they normally would reach or who aren’t following them already. The fact that hashtags allow you to direct your posts to specific people also means that you can directly market to your target audience by just adding one small word into you’re your caption. 

You also need to put some thought into TikTok SEO if you want people to find you, and hashtags can do just that.

Produce good content

TikTok is very different from other social media platforms and so specific in what people should post in order to be noticed or even grow a bit. This is not about TikTok itself but rather about the target demographic and the majority of people who make use of the app. This being teenagers. TikTok is seen as a community and to become popular within the community you need to cater to them. 

People hate knowing when they are being marketed to, especially younger people, and this means that you should try and transform your videos into more entertaining content in order to grow your TikTok followers, rather than just showing off the products or services you have available. 

You can easily find inspiration for your videos by looking at other people’s content, making use of popular trending songs or dances, testing out viral challenges, or even making people laugh. 

Organic marketing

As mentioned earlier, the audience of TikTok despises hard selling or typical brand marketing, and they prefer to engage with organic marketing. This means that users would rather see more authentic and in-the-moment videos from the people they follow than fully structured, serious advertisement-type videos.

A lot of brands have tried multiple different strategies such as show behind the scenes of their promo shots, in-the-moment action around what’s happening with the brand, tours around the brand office. This is fantastic if you don’t have the budget to spend on massive promotional shoots, or expensive advertising, and a great way for you to connect with the users on a more personal level, allowing them to feel as if they are a part of your world.

Use influencers

As the biggest social media platform that is currently around, it is no surprise that there are quite a few people who have managed to amass millions of followers in the short time it has been around. One of the best ways for your brand to get noticed on TikTok is by making use of what influencers have to offer and taking advantage of their massive audience. 

There are influencers in every niche on TikTok, and the best way to get them to work with you is by reaching out to them. Most of them really want small businesses to succeed and will happily promote a product that you have sent to them if it is up to their standard, which will encourage their audiences to be interested in it. 

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