How to Add Apple Music to Instagram Story? How you can add songs from Apple Music to your Instagram Story.

Instagram media production
Instagram media production

Instagram Stories are a great way to engage with your audience and post content that you don’t want up for too long. One aspect of Stories is the ability to insert music into them. Also, learn how you can buy Instagram Story views when you check out these services.

What Are Instagram Stories?

First, we should explain what Instagram Stories are so that we’re on the same page. Stories are vertical photos and videos designed to disappear after 24 hours unless you put them in your Highlights. You’ll see Stories at the top of the interface instead of the news feed.

People post Stories as a way to create content that won’t clutter their profiles. For example, someone may post a Story as a poll, and then the Story will disappear once the uploader gets the results they are looking for. Or, you may post something personal as a Story that you don’t want to stay on your profile for too long.

What is Music In Instagram Stories?

Stories give users the ability to add music. A person can add their favorite songs to their Stories by tapping on the Sticker icon, then Music. As someone views a Story, the track will play in the background automatically. Usually, people add music to their Stories by selecting from the available songs.

Why Would Someone Add Music to Their Stories?

There are several reasons why someone would add music to their Stories. These reasons include:

Trending Songs

If there is a popular song that’s currently trending on Instagram, adding it to one’s Story may be an algorithmic boost for the profile. People are more likely to see the Story on their feeds, and if the Story interests them, they may follow the person.


Songs in general are good for engagement. If someone clicks a Story and hears a song, they are more likely to read the Story in full if they like the song.

For Completion

Sometimes, the music in the Story complements the video or photo. This is especially true with memes. A humorous or appropriate song can boost engagement and audience interaction.

These are just some reasons why a person would want to add music to their Stories. If you use Apple Music, you may wonder if it’s possible to add music to your Story using their service. As it turns out, yes.

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How to Add Music from Apple Music to Your Story

You are listening to a song on Apple Music, and you decide that you want to add music to your Story. Is it possible? Yes, and it’s easy. Here’s how to do it.

  1. As you’re playing the song, tap the three dots icon. Then, click “Share.” If you’re not playing the song, just long press on it or tap the 3D track. This should open the Share button;
  2. Select “Share Song;”
  3. You should see several applications you can share the song to. Tap Instagram. If it’s not on the app row, click “More,” then look under “Suggestions;”
  4. Once you tap Instagram, the music should be added to your Story draft. If you’re sharing for the first time, you may be prompted to launch the app;
  5. You should also see the background colors of the album you are listening to change. This can be pleasant to look at;
  6. We should tell you that the song won’t play automatically. Your audience will have to tap the picture on the Story to launch Apple Music, which will then allow them to play the song;

It’s Not Working. What Should I Do?

Sometimes, you may not see the option to share your music at all. For example, you may not see the sticker if you’re trying to use Instagram, or you may not be able to share music via Apple Music. So, what gives?

It may be an error. Try uninstalling and reinstalling or updating the app. This simple step usually fixes any issues relating to music.

With that said, it’s possible that you’re not seeing the ability to share music due to the country you live in. Due to copyright laws, not every country has this feature unlocked. If this is the case, you may need to use a VPN.

Finally, the song itself may not have sharing allowed. Some songs are heavily copyrighted, and they do not have the option to be shared. If this is the case, do not try to circumvent this protection by adding the song on your own. It could lead to your account getting blocked. Instead, try another song.

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Other Music Apps that Let You Share Music to Instagram Stories

Apple Music is not the only app you can use. Here are some other apps.


Spotify lets you share music. To do this, open Spotify and play a song. You should see the Share button. Tap on that, and then select Instagram. You should see a Story made for you with the song.


If you’re listening to an underground track on SoundCloud you want the world to hear, it’s easy to share. Select the song, and then press the share button. You’ll then open up Instagram Stories, and the song will be the background, along with the sticker. You can then make any edits you desire.

There are many other music apps, and third party applications, that let you share music to your Stories. See if yours lets you share. Usually, it’s quite obvious, usually through the Share button.

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And that is how you share music from Apple Music to your Instagram Story. By sharing your favorite songs, you can boost engagement and also gain a potential new audience. It’s so simple to share your favorite tracks; all you need to do is tap the share button, and the rest should be obvious. We hope this article helped.

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