How to conduct a phone number search to see who’s calling you

Finding a missed call from an unknown number is aggravating. It gets worse when that number calls multiple times without any message accompanying the missed calls. You will likely avoid many cases of spammers luring their victims through phone calls. In the US alone, spammers defraud over $20 Billion from unsuspecting victims annually. However, some calls from potential employers or telemarketers offering amazing deals might be legit. Failure to pick up or return the calls might cost you a lifetime opportunity. It could also be a stranded relative or friend reaching out for help. With so many possibilities, it is important to dig deeper and find out who is calling before engaging. A phone number search sounds like an uphill task without knowing where to start. To help you navigate that space easily, below are a few ways to go about it

Using reverse phone lookup tools

You will likely get more than just the caller’s ID with reverse phone lookup sites. You can easily find the name, email addresses, and social media accounts linked to the caller. Others conduct dark web searches, and you end up with addresses, criminal records, and photos. The availability of such information lets you check to see who’s calling you, their legitimacy, and their intent for calling.

While some might require you to search online, others work continuously and provide real-time caller ID verification. That saves you time to search and helps you spot spoofed numbers immediately, and you can easily decline the call. You can choose to use the free or paid plan options. Most free options have limitations, while paid plans allow you to conduct unlimited searches.

Google search

Google has become a search engine doing the most since you can now use it to conduct a phone number search. Businesses and individuals are sharing contacts on their business and social media accounts. Additionally, some share spam numbers to warn others about the caller’s intentions. Conducting a Google search will give you accurate results if the number was ever listed anywhere. They also provide names and pictures linked to that number if they are available.

Their algorithms also share related content, activities, and other alternative numbers listed under the same space. That helps you identify a caller, their intentions, and other alternate numbers to avoid or keep for future use.

Carrier verification

Carriers have bolstered their verification process a notch higher. They are now providing names registered to a number of people as well as businesses. As a business promotion plan and strategist, carriers now register business numbers which can be quite lucrative. These numbers carry the business ID as the caller is placing a call even to new numbers. They also look into registered and reported numbers and take necessary action. Some place warnings to spammers before blocking the contact. In association with Google, you can easily have a name pop up and details about a number registered as a business. All you need is a phone connected to the internet when the call is being placed.

Money transfer platforms

Some countries have their phone numbers registered for mobile money transfers. You can use the platforms to check the name registered under any number. Initiate a transaction and input the number. The name pops up before you can proceed further, and you can identify your caller.

Be careful, as some only share the name after completing a transaction on your end. There is a window to cancel it, but if you are not fast enough, you will likely lose funds. Only work with funds you can afford to lose or the minimum amount you can send for each transaction.

Phone number directories

There is a phonebook directory in the US, and you can find almost all numbers listed there. A simple search on it will help you identify your caller with ease. From their name, listed addresses, or even email addresses, you can make an informed decision as to why they were calling. Since the updates are never made promptly, you will likely miss new numbers or updated changes.

Place a call

A number calling your phone should not always raise a red flag. Some are legit, and you can only verify that by picking up a call or calling back. Place the call during your free time to avoid interrupting your day. When your curiosity gets the better of you, consider placing the call amongst friends or colleagues. Many will identify spammers that you would probably have missed if on loudspeaker. Other times, it might just have been a mistake, and you might help someone on the other end correct or even apologize for an honest mishap.

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