How to Create Your Own Gaming Mode on an iPhone or iPad


Most smartphones today come with an inbuilt gaming mode that allows gamers to play games completely undisturbed. Unfortunately, Apple seems to be lagging in this regard. However, the introduction of Focus modes has made it for iPhone and iPad users to create their gaming modes.

Having a gaming mode means enjoying peaceful uninterrupted gaming sessions. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, here’s how you can activate a gaming mode on your iPhone or iPad.

What’s a gaming mode?

A gaming mode is the type of Focus mode that customizes your alerts and notification settings for whenever you are playing mobile games. For instance, you can mute every notification on your smartphone, allowing only urgent notifications. You can also make several other exceptions as you wish.

The gaming mode is a great way to avoid distractions when you want to chill out and enjoy a game on your smartphone. You can create a wide range of Focus modes, including when you want to play live casino games online at Betway.

Creating a Gaming Mode

To create a gaming mode on your apple device, you’ll need a gadget that’s compatible with iOS 15 or better. The Focus modes feature comes hidden in the system’s settings, but when you create a Gaming Focus mode, you can easily activate it from your control center.

Here are a few instructions to follow to create a Gaming Mode on your iPad or iPhone:

  • Open the device Settings and choose Focus mode.
  • Once you find it, click the plus (+) button available on the top-right corner of your device.
  • Press Gaming and click “Next”.
  • The next step involves customizing your notifications. If you’d like to allow certain important calls at any moment, click the plus (+) button and select their contacts. You can also click the “Allow None” option if you’re looking to enjoy your gaming experience uninterrupted, especially when playing money games at the Betway casino.  
  • Choose Turn Gaming on Automatically and you’re done.

Activating the Gaming Mode Automatically

The Gaming Mode will automatically turn on by default when you connect your wireless controller to your iPad or iPhone or when you open supported games. You also have the option to manually select the apps that should trigger the gaming mode. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Go to your device Settings > Focus mode > Gaming.
  • Click Automation or Add Schedule.
  • Press App.
  • Choose your desired applications from the available list.

You can easily check if that’s working correctly by selecting one of the available games. You should get a notification on your screen telling you that your device is currently in Gaming Mode.

Once it’s activated, you’re ready to start enjoying the gameplay in peace without any distractions. Additionally, you can use the focus mode for more than just gaming, so it’s worth exploring.

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