How to emulate Android apps

Installing BlueStacks

Android is the most popular operating system when it comes to mobile devices, exceeding two billion users worldwide. Hence, there’s no wonder why many people are looking for ways of emulating Android apps and games on their MacBooks.

The Google Play Store, meaning the official marketplace for Android devices, is loaded with useful apps and games. The total number of software from the store surpasses 2.87 million, and we’re presenting today a way to emulate many of those Android apps and games on your MacBook.

Get your hands on BlueStacks 

BlueStacks is an Android emulator that runs on both Windows and Mac. One of the best parts of this emulator is that it won’t charge you anything for using it.

You’ll find the apps and games that you want to be emulated by simply accessing the Google Play Store via the BlueStacks app. You’ll also need to set up a Google account if you didn’t do so already, and you’ll be asked during the login process to give permission to back up data to the Google account. Also, you can choose to give permission or not for receiving emails from the Play Store. If you’re more like the pragmatic type, the best advice is to deny receiving such emails, as many of them will be completely uninteresting for you.

BlueStacks 5 is out and ready for download

If you head over to BlueStacks’ official website, you’ll immediately encounter the download option for the emulator’s last version. The chances are high that, at least technically speaking, the new version is much more convenient than the older ones. It uses 40% less RAM than before, and it’s supposed to run a lot smoother. You definitely cannot get bored while using BlueStacks 5, as it will bring you over two million games to choose from! Don’t worry about not getting enough competition, either, as there are over 500 million gamers using the software! There had been over one billion downloads for BlueStacks, and the number will keep on growing!

You can choose the classical way of controlling BlueStacks from your computer by using the keyboard and mouse, or there’s even the more comfortable approach for gaming like connecting a controller. For the latter option, you can choose to use the preset game controls or even customize them as you wish.

A number of resounding brands are backing up BlueStacks, and we can mention Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, Ignition, Presidion Ventures, WhatsApp, and more.

Maybe you want to play top games like Asphalt 8, Call of Duty Mobile, or Hearthstone on your MacBook, or you need certain apps, you can trustfully use the BlueStacks app! There are many latest and upcoming games for BlueStacks, and we can mention exciting titles such as Blade &  Soul: Revolution, Darkfire Heroes, Warpath, Dynasty Scrolls, DISGAEA RPG, Puzzles & Survival, X-HERO: Idle Avengers, Heroes War: Counterattack, Dragonscapes: Adventure, Bleach: Immortal Soul, and Cookie Run: Kingdom.

BlueStacks also supports numerous useful features, such as Smart Controls, Multi-Instance, Macros, Rerolling, Eco Mode, Real-Time Translation, Multi-Instance Sync, and more.


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