How to Master the TikTok Channel for Successful Marketing: Best Strategy Tips & Useful Tactics That Work

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Social media marketing is a powerful tool that small and large businesses use to increase their customer reach and engagement. With the right approach to these marketing techniques, a business can improve brand identity and increase company recognition.

There’s a variety of different social media platforms that various businesses are using for their growth. However, not all of these platforms are the same. According to Statista, Facebook, and Instagram might have more users than other platforms (2,910 million and 1,478 million, respectively), but they are less effective for running a successful marketing strategy today.  

Companies prefer adopting newer approaches and try to use synthetic methods to better audiences. For instance, some companies even buy TikTok followers to expand their audience and increase their brand engagement.

Although platforms like Facebook and Instagram have shown great responses in the past, their importance has changed with the inclusion of new technologies, trends, and platforms. As a business owner or a digital marketer, it’s your job to keep an eye on the new trends in business, ensuring you follow the most viable options for your goals.

Does the Choice of Social Media Platform Make a Difference?

With the increase in demand for social media platforms, innovations were introduced. Every platform tried its best to engage audiences optimally. There were major changes in the social platform popularity, like Meta (formerly Facebook) buying Whatsapp and Instagram. 

However, the potential of these social platforms has increased. Statistics reveal that social media marketing had a massive industry value of 132 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and has been increasing ever since. Social media marketing has a lot of potential for business. However, not all of these platforms are the same.

Apart from their themes, the main difference between these social media handles is the kind of users you find on these platforms. Targeted marketing matters the most if you want to increase conversions, engage the right audience, and achieve marketing goals. You will not receive the right results, regardless of how amazing your strategies are if you do not plan them out properly.

Before creating a business marketing strategy, you should consider your audience types on the platforms. The best way to do this is to consider your product or service and see if the social media handle has the right age group. For instance, 18.4% of users on Facebook are between the age groups of 25-34. It’s not exactly the right platform for youngsters anymore.

Therefore, if you offer a product/service optimal for this group—Facebook might be your go-to option. The same goes for Instagram users—so you should consider your social media platform accordingly. If you look at the trends in the social media industry, TikTok is the fastest-growing platform, with a growth of 15% between 2021 and 2022. However, why is it so?

Why Does TikTok Matter for Your Business Marketing?

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms online, with millions of users. While the application is primarily Chinese, it has taken the world by storm. Statistics show 672m TikTok downloads, making it one of the most used applications. Interestingly, the application launched in 2017, making it a relatively new application.

However, it has still managed to captivate the landscape of digital marketing pretty well. Many users on TikTok may use it for entertainment purposes, but a variety of short videos also provide informational content.

TikTok realizes its potential for business marketing and has all kinds of features ready for its users. The features focus primarily on business marketing, allowing brands to showcase their offerings, increase their customer base, and improve current market value.

These features have allowed TikTok to grow into one of the most viable options for business owners that wish to see their brands grow. TikTok for Business is another major milestone of the platform, focusing mainly on companies. It is an ad marketing option, allowing users to “Create ads that entertain and Campaigns that Connect.”

They have a billion users, which is amazing for the short span the company has operated for. Currently, TikTok videos have a 92% rate for customer response and action. The platform primarily allows business owners to better customer targeting. How?

  • TikTok lets companies create culture-appropriate ads, target consumers based on age, and increase the precision of any business marketing campaign.
  • The ads on the platform are super easy to make, making them accessible to everyone.
  • An in-app video recorder and editor lets brands experiment with their strategies.
  • The ad campaigns are highly scalable, making them ideal for all businesses. You can create a strategy via TikTok, whether a small business or a large enterprise.
  • The platform shares inspiring case studies of how various companies have evolved and grown using their ad campaigns.

How to Master the TikTok Channel for Successful Marketing?

Mastering channels for successful marketing may seem easy, but it’s not. While brands have similar access to the application and its features, not all their campaigns are the same. How a brand connects with its audience makes all the difference.

The average session length on TikTok is 10.85 minutes, but that doesn’t mean every video gets the same amount of attention. Brands often create and upload videos but still don’t get the expected response. The primary reason is—the lack of audience engagement.

Any company wishing to master its TikTok Channel for successful marketing should know that the growth potential on the platform is pretty high. However, devising the right strategy for marketing is just as important. 

The global user spending on TikTok is as high as 50.4m, which is an extraordinary amount. However, brands that pay thousands of dollars for marketing on TikTok still fail to find the best results.

Therefore, brands must know how to create the right marketing strategies for maximum ROI. If you’re not sure how to design a brand marketing strategy, the information ahead in this article is ideal for you.

Tips & Useful Tactics for TikTok Marketing

Creating viral content on TikTok requires planning and utilizing the right approach. It can be a bit challenging initially, but it will be just as rewarding once you gain the right experience. TikTok has amazing potential for market growth, considering how quickly the market trends change.

The platform has over a million monthly active uses (MAUs). A single video that goes viral on the platform can bring your business much-needed attention.

However, TikTok brand marketing is just as competitive too. It’s because countless videos reach audiences daily—making it harder for your content to stand out. However, it is possible — and on TikTok, even small accounts have been known to go mega-viral. Here are 11 tips to help you increase your chances of going viral on the platform.

We’ve gathered a list of useful tactics that can help you ensure your digital marketing content goes viral. Have a look:

1. Participate In Trends

TikTok has great potential, but only if you engage with the audience properly. The biggest challenge with TikTok marketing is that the market changes regularly with new trends each day. Companies must consider these trends for upcoming strategies.

For instance, certain soundtracks get viral quickly. Using these tracks for your trending audio can be effective because it can increase the time for viewing, allowing you to engage your customers better. As the viewers already know the track, there’s an inherent sense of “familiarity” boosting your video’s reach. The right track can even help the viewers know what the video might include. There’s no “right” track for TikTok videos because it varies for trends and industries.

Companies that have their track should still add music to the videos to increase engagement. With TikTok’s video editor, you can adjust the track volume, providing optimal control over the content created.

However, some business accounts have limited audio track access—always research and check if your company account has access to these audios.

2. Pick the Right Hashtags for Videos

When you engage in TikTok business marketing, the right hashtags can e a major game changer. They can impact your experience and help boost video visibility. However, these hashtags should be relevant and based on your content.

Checking viral hashtags or some constant ones is a must. For instance, #love is a popular one. It will increase your chances of engaging the audience better. Here are some basic hashtag tips that can help:

  • Use hashtags specific to your industry and high conversion ones instead of choosing one or the other.  
  • Avoid using hashtags like #FYP, #foryou, or some generic hashtags.
  • Don’t use more than 3 to 5 hashtags for your videos.

3. Share Interesting Content

Seems obvious, but the quality matters a lot. Focus on creating content that people would share with others to ensure your videos go viral. The question is, what kind of content goes viral? The answer to this question is a little complicated, but some categories resonate with audiences well. These may include:

Funny/entertaining: Tagging friends and family members in funny and entertaining videos is a classic type of viral video content.

Educational: #LearnOnTikTok is one of the top-used hashtags on the platform. It’s because the audiences love learning something from TikTok. As long your video content is surprising and unique, people will likely share it with others

Inspirational: Finding inspiration to do something on social media platforms connects well with the audience. However, this kind of content is harder to make than others. However, you can take different approaches to these kinds of videos. Try focusing on:

  • Improving looks/health/life
  • Fixing a problem
  • Anything that adds value to the viewer’s life

Once you master inspiring others, they share your content readily because the audiences want others to have the same experience.

4. Improve your Editing Skills

TikTok video qualities depend a lot on the level of video editing can a company has. Audiences need interesting and intriguing videos, and a bit of tweaking the content can provide that. Know that the editing doesn’t always have to be something extensive. Even simple acts like adding captions, transition effects, filters, etc., can elevate the final video.

However, HOW someone edits their video content makes a difference. The most viable option is TikTok’s in-app editing tool, but you can also check various third-party applications for video editing.

Once you learn how trends and transitions work, optimizing TikTok videos for your niche becomes easier. You may not always be successful with it right away. However, your video editing skills will improve with a little practice and persistence.

5. Keep your Videos Short and add a Hook

The average watch time on TikTok impacts its algorithm greatly. Companies that wish to engage the users need to provide a good reason for watching these videos—that’s where a strong hook comes into play.  

TikTok has a longer video span compared to other platforms. However, you shouldn’t use up all the time in every video. Prioritize quality because shorter is better. Companies that still want to use the longer video format can use it for story-telling in a more cohesive approach.

Pro Tip: The best way to check which videos resonate well with the audience is to get analysis reports. Fortunately, with TikTok analytics, you can view which videos have the largest viewing rate and try to replicate these videos with new information.

For instance, if your audience response is better with informational video—it should be your campaign’s primary approach.

6. Collaborate with Individuals and Brands

Collaborations are a smart way to increase your brand reach and get mutual benefits from the content created. For instance, many brands host video sessions and podcasts with influential figures to engage their audiences.

With collaborations, you can easily increase your brand’s exposure and viewership. This approach increases the potential of your digital marketing by helping you reach a larger audience.

However, before setting up, collaborators should perform market research and find if the collaboration will benefit. You can consider various questions, but it all thin out to one simple one: what value will collaboration add to your content?” creator or brand’s usual content? If the collaboration ensures long-term success, it’s your go-to option.

Pro tip: It is recommended to start with similar-sized (or slightly larger) influencers and find video formats beneficial to both.

Marketing via a TikTok channel is one of the best approaches to follow. Take your time to carefully craft your TikTok content keeping the factors discussed in this video in mind. Once your marketing strategy is ready, deploying it will no longer be a problem.

Follow your competitors and their TikTok channels to monitor what they are up to. It can provide the inspiration required for your future TikTok channel marketing.

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