How to remove followers on Twitter without blocking them

It’s now possible to remove followers from your Twitter account without blocking them.

Twitter has been working on a number of new safety features designed to improve privacy on its app, and now the social network is rolling out an option to remove people who follow you without having to block them.

As confirmed by Twitter support, you can now be the “curator of your own follower list” and remove people from your followers list, meaning they won’t see your tweets unless they follow you again. Previously, you’d have to block an account to stop them from following you, though you could immediately unlock them afterwards if you so wished. Now, the process has been made even simpler on the platform.

Head to your profile and click on the Followers option. Then, you’ll see three dots next to a user in your Followers list – tap those, and then press Remove This Follower. Please note that this is only available on desktop right now, but the program will be rolling out on iOS and Android devices in the coming months.

Bloomberg reported last week that the social network was working on a number of new features designed to make users feel safer on the app, and ultimately encourage more people to make their profiles public.

Archived tweets is one of those features, letting users hide their tweets automatically after 30, 60, or 90 days. Though this product is in its concept phase, it will allow users to have more control over the content on their platform, and limit the number of tweets that are available for people to look through.

Other features include edge-to-edge multimedia content on iOS, the ability to leave conversations, and the ability to hide tweets you’ve liked, making likes more private and similar to apps such as TikTok.

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