Image of Possible 4-Inch iPhone 6 Accidentally Posted on Apple Website

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On Friday, we suggested that Apple could be preparing to launch a new, smaller version of the iPhone 6, with a 4-inch screen and called the iPhone 6C. This theory has been fuelled by online rumors and today became more credible following the publication of an intriguing image on the Apple website. Could Apple have inadvertently just revealed the iPhone 6C?

AppleMagazine Screen Shot 2015-05-21

The image in question can, at least at the time that we published this story this morning, be seen on the page for the recently-revealed new Apple-branded iPhone Lightning Dock on the Store section of Apple’s website. The image depicts what initially looks like a pink-and-black iPhone 5C; however, the device appears to have a Touch ID sensor rather than the Home button of the iPhone 5C.

iPhone 6c

Though it is possible that Apple has indeed accidentally revealed a 4-inch iPhone 6 ahead of this device’s official launch, MacRumors has suggested that this image actually just shows an iPhone 5C and has been botched in Photoshop. Either way, it does seem likely that Apple will remove the image once the company has noticed the error.

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