Martian Watches Revamps Its Online Shop and Webspace

I have never really pushed or backed a product publicly before, until a month ago or so, when I discovered Martian Watches. The folks at Martian Watches were at that time trying to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign to come up with the funds to complete production of their watches. I took notice and just had to get the word out about this great product calling it “The perfect companion for your iPhone”.

If you haven’t heard of the product, simply put, they are stylish watches that (through voice commands) allow Android and iPhone users to talk, listen, and be notified of incoming calls and texts. Users can also answer, reply, and initiate voice commands, all without their phones leaving their pocket or purse. If you want more information on the watches themselves visit my prior post covering how the watches work.

You, the reader, seemed to take large notice of this line of watches, and I like to think I had a small or even tiny part in the success of this product being funded and launched. I have reached out to the Irvine, California, based company a few times, and they have been nothing but pleasant and informative. Due to the large demand for this line of watches, the company has rolled out and expanded upon their website, online store and put up a social store on Facebook.

Jeffrey Hsieh CEO of Martian Watches states “The demand for Martian Watches has continued at an increasing rate beyond the end of our Kickstarter campaign. We wanted to provide consumers the opportunity to learn more and pre-order their Martian Watches in a streamlined site with enhanced resources, and we feel that with the combination of our new product and shopping pages, easy navigation, and Facebook store, we have accomplished those goals.”

The company is currently running a sweepstakes on their Facebook page until November 8th. You can enter a chance to win a Martian Watch of your choice just by visiting the Facebook page and entering.

I will be offering a complete review of the product that boasts 2-hour talk time, analog watch face that will run for 30 days on a single charge, Siri compatibility, and the ability to place calls or control music.

I can’t wait to have a watch that will send text messages for me and alert me of Facebook notifications all without me having to look at my iPhone once. This technology is truly remarkable and will soon be on everyone’s wrists.

If you would like more information on pricing, pre-orders, and a launch date, please visit Martian Watch’s website.


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