iOS 18’s Cloud AI Features Will Have Robust Privacy Measures iOS 18 is anticipated to introduce advanced generative artificial intelligence (AI) features, blending on-device and cloud-based processing. A recent report highlights Apple’s planned privacy safeguards for these cloud-based capabilities.

iOS 18 Icon Concept | Image: AppleHub

Apple’s AI servers are expected to run on M2 Ultra and M4 chips, similar to those in Macs and iPads.

According to Wayne Ma from The Information, Apple aims to use the Secure Enclave within its chips to isolate data processed on its servers, ensuring it remains inaccessible to the broader system or Apple itself.

Detailed technical information about the Secure Enclave is available in Apple’s Platform Security Guide.

The report describes Apple’s “confidential-computing approach” as a method to secure AI data in the cloud, making it highly resistant to hacking, even in case of a data breach.

This approach would also alleviate Apple’s responsibility to provide personal data from its servers under governmental or legal demands.

Additionally, Apple envisions transferring the processing power of future wearable devices to servers powered by Apple silicon chips.

This strategy could enable the development of thinner and lighter devices, such as the Vision Pro headset or future Apple Glasses.

Vision Pro Sign
Vision Pro Sign | Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store, NYC
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