iPhone 13 could come with always-on display

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Apple’s new iPhone 13 will reportedly feature an always-on display.

Keen to ensure a steady flow of sales following last year’s “supercycle” release of the iPhone 12, Apple has reportedly worked to introduce an always-on display to its flagship smartphones, inspired by the Apple Watch.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggests that, alongside new larger battery capacities on the iPhone 13, the new smartphone could also come with displays that feature a 120Hz refresh rate – and perhaps more interestingly, an always-on display that is inspired by Apple Watch, and designed to show the time and notifications.

In recent years, Apple has developed technology that allows an always-on display at a lower brightness and variable refresh rate, so that users can see their watch faces at all times. According to Gurman, Apple will bring the same to the 2021 iPhone, so that users can see information like the time, date, and notifications all at once.

Apple would rely on under-the-hood technology and LTPO displays that offer power efficiency without having a major impact on battery life. It’s thought that the new OLED LTPO displays could be exclusive to high-end iPhone 13 models, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, with the iPhone 13 and mini missing out.

Curious to know what else is coming with the iPhone 13? It’s likely that Apple will offer an improved camera, alongside some slight design tweaks, such as a slightly thicker and heavier chassis to accommodate a larger battery and more advanced display technology. Apple could also introduce reverse wireless charging, too.

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