iPhone 15 Pro Max Production Hits Snags Amid Challenges Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max faces production delays, according to noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The model's mass production lags behind other iPhone 15 variants, and the new titanium frame presents significant challenges. Furthermore, a last-minute change related to solid-state buttons has compounded these issues.

iPhone 15 Pro

Apple has officially announced its “Wonderlust” event for September 12, where the much-anticipated iPhone 15 lineup is expected to be unveiled. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is experiencing delays in its production schedule, says Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with a reputable track record on Apple insights.

Kuo mentioned that the iPhone 15 Pro Max was the “last project to kick off”, and as such, its mass production is running behind schedule. This confirms earlier reports suggesting that the high-end iPhone model could be delayed by up to three to four weeks.

Titanium Frame Woes

Kuo also pointed out that Apple has run into difficulties with the new titanium frame planned for the iPhone 15 Pro models. The frame’s “high processing difficulty and significant design changes during development” have contributed to the delays. It seems that working with titanium, known for its strength and lightness, has not been as straightforward as Apple had hoped.

Abandoned Solid-State Button Project

Adding to the production woes is the abandoned solid-state button project. Apple had originally planned to replace the physical volume buttons and mute switch with solid-state versions. However, this feature was dropped due to unforeseen production challenges. According to Kuo, the decision came late enough in the development process to create additional delays in mass production.


These production hiccups may affect the availability of the iPhone 15 Pro Max upon its launch, potentially limiting initial stock and extending delivery timelines for customers. The delays may also put additional pressure on Apple’s manufacturing partners, and could have a ripple effect on the production of other Apple devices.

While anticipation for the iPhone 15 lineup remains high, these production challenges are a reminder of the complexities involved in bringing innovative technologies to market.

With the September 12 event fast approaching, it remains to be seen how these issues will affect the rollout of Apple’s latest flagship device.

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