iPhone 15 Revives Global Smartphone Sales with Remarkable Growth The iPhone 15 emerges as a game-changer in global smartphone sales.

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The global smartphone market has witnessed a remarkable turnaround, marking its first growth phase since June 2021, primarily driven by the launch of the iPhone 15. This upturn comes after a prolonged 27-month period of declining sales, challenging the industry’s stagnation.

Despite previous downturns, Apple’s iPhone has consistently outperformed market trends, as highlighted by Counterpoint Research. This resilience is evident even though the iPhone 15 initially struggled to match the demand levels of its predecessor, the iPhone 14, in China.

For October 2023, a significant 5% year-over-year increase in global monthly smartphone sell-through volumes was recorded, a clear indication of the market’s recovery.

The iPhone 15 series played a critical role in this upsurge. The delayed launch of the series by a week resulted in a concentrated impact on sales in October, amplifying its contribution to the market’s growth.

Counterpoint Research pointed out that the growth spurt has been predominantly in emerging markets, especially in regions like the Middle East and Africa. Factors contributing to this include Huawei’s resurgence in the market and the boost from India’s festive sales season.

Although specific smartphone model breakdowns are not provided in Counterpoint’s latest report, a previous analysis revealed that Apple led the competition with a commanding 43% market share.

The introduction of the iPhone 15 has been a pivotal factor in reversing the downward trend in global smartphone sales, particularly energizing emerging markets and demonstrating Apple’s enduring market influence.

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