iPhone Discounts Spark 52% Sales Surge in China Falling sales led Apple to offer significant official iPhone discounts in China, and a new report suggests that this tactic is paying off.

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In response to falling sales, Apple introduced notable discounts on iPhones in China. Official data now reveals that these efforts have significantly boosted shipments, reversing the prior decline.

Changes in Apple’s Discount Strategy

Typically, Apple does not offer direct discounts on iPhones through its website or stores in most countries. Instead, the company provides price reductions through third-party resellers, preserving the perceived value of its products while still driving sales.

This approach was initially used in China as well. However, a few years ago, Apple began offering modest discounts directly on its Chinese website. This year, facing renewed competition from local brand Huawei, Apple has rolled out a series of more substantial discounts.

The iPhone was first discounted during the Lunar New Year promotion in January, followed by even larger discounts in February and more aggressive cuts this month, which will extend into June.

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Sales Rebound in China

While the impact of the latest discounts is yet to be seen, the previous reductions have already shown results.

According to official figures from the Chinese government, cited by Bloomberg, Apple’s iPhone shipments in China surged by 52% last month. The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology reported a rise in overall smartphone shipments, with around 3.5 million units from foreign brands. The iPhone accounts for the majority of these shipments, marking a strong recovery after initial declines earlier in the year.

These figures highlight that the year-on-year decline in iPhone sales in China was reversed in March, and this rebound continued in April.

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