iPhone users 76% more attractive on dating apps than Android users If you're single, it's time to head to an Apple Store.

Apple users are 76% more likely to get a match on a dating app than Android users.

A new report from CompareMyMobile suggests that users who have an iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods in their display pictures on dating apps were considered up to 76% more attractive than users of other devices, and those who did not display technology in their pics.

The study analyzed 50,000 swipes and matches on the world’s most popular dating apps, creating profiles with and without iPhones present.

A user who had an iPhone on their profile was 76% more likely to be “swiped right,” Apple Watch users 61% more likely, and AirPods 41% more likely, demonstrating the huge impact and power of Apple’s consumer products.

The data revealed that Samsung devices meant you were 19% more likely to get a match.

Users who displayed a Google device in their dating profile were 10% less likely to be matched, whilst Sony devices meant you were 14% less likely to be swiped right.

Huawei reduced your chances by around 23% and OnePlus devices cut your odds by 30%.

Check out the full infographic to find out more about technology in the dating world.

The study also revealed that women are more bothered about technology than men and that millennials were more influenced by a smartphone brand than the car their date drove.

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