Is there a secret to Sudoku? Basic guide to start playing today

Are you looking for a way to spice up your pastime endeavors? Puzzles are an excellent addition, a chance to challenge and sharpen your problem-solving skills. A new and exciting challenge keeps you alert and improves your overall mood. Among the puzzle games that can up your pastime endeavors is Sudoku. The logic-based and combinatorial number-placement game features a grid of 9 X 9 spaces. The grid holds nine squares that you fill with nine numbers between 1 to 9 without repeating any within the column, row, or square. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a buck as you can play Sudoku free (Google Play link), including online. Playing on your favorite device makes it a lot more fun and convenient.

At first glance, Sudoku can appear complex, a puzzle that only geniuses can handle. However, it is a lot easier than it seems, especially if you learn a few hacks and shortcuts. You can comfortably establish the pattern, spot opportunities, and place the numbers to complete the grid. Here is an essential guide to starting playing today if you are ready to hop on to the Sudoku free puzzle game.

Start easy

As you endeavor to get the hang of the game, considering easy-rated Sudoku puzzles is an excellent starting point. The easy-rated puzzles make the learning a lot more comfortable, as you can devise a strategy moving forward to help you crack even the most challenging Sudoku game. The puzzle features easy opportunities, especially with crowded squares where you can utilize the elimination process to establish the next number. For instance, you can find a square with seven digits, meaning that only two remains to fill that area. Through elimination, you can comfortably establish which number should be placed and where allowing you to fill the gap for the next square quickly. As you advance to more challenging Sudoku puzzles, you’ll have an idea of how to approach the squares, starting with easier opportunities from the crowded squares and building to the next, making it fun and simple to complete the grid.

It is a logical process

As you get the hang of the Sudoku puzzle game, you’ll realize that it is all logic. It is all about establishing the missing numbers and placing them where they don’t exist. It is not that straightforward, though; every number you place in the grid offers a new challenge and opportunity, keeping in mind that no number should be repeated in a row, column, or square. Spotting the opportunities to place a number in a place it hasn’t already been added is the logic you need to employ to complete the grid. For instance, if you establish that a grid has 2, 6, 4, 8, 9, 7, and 5, the logic here is that 1 and 3 are the missing numbers, requiring you to keenly establish where they should be placed while keeping other squares in mind. Considering the nearby rows within the square helps you eliminate and establish which number goes where making the process a lot easier and more fun.

Keep reviewing

Every number you place on the grid shapes the next step. As such, guesswork won’t cut it; you have to keep reviewing the progress to establish what’s missing, repeated, or what should be the next number. As you place a number, check what changed, what you already know, and establish if the spot is right for that number or best suited by a different one.  A continuous review might feel like an impossible and boring task. However, if you overlook it, you will likely end up with a mess you can hardly navigate to get the correct placement to complete the grid.

The easiest hack that most gamers utilize to kill the boredom, make it more productive, and quickly spot opportunities is hovering over the entire grid, not a specific spot. If you concentrate so much on a single spot, you can lose momentum, making it harder to progress. Move your eyes over the puzzle, connect the dots, and see if you are missing something that makes it harder to place a number on a certain spot.

Maintain the momentum going

The easiest mistake you can make while playing Sudoku is failing to follow your flow. Noting that every addition opens opportunities if you don’t keep going, you’ll make it harder to review the progress and keep adding more numbers. You could be forced to go back to scratch, check every spot as you’ll lose the flow, not knowing why you had picked a certain number for a spot or what you wanted to add next. Following the flow and maintaining the momentum makes it easier to fill more spots within a short period, allowing you to complete the grid.

Hunting for numbers is fun, and more so as you follow the logic to establish order. That’s what Sudoku entails, a puzzle game that’s intellectually stimulating, challenging your brain to achieve a logical flow of numbers to complete the grid. As you hone your playing skills, you’ll learn new techniques, hacks, and how to complete the grid quickly. Practice and more practice is the key to unlocking more secrets to handle the most challenging puzzles. You could also fast-track your playing endeavors by leveraging online resources and guides from various forums and Sudoku pro gamers.

Are you afraid of numbers? Handling numbers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but while looking for an ideal game for all, Sudoku is a great addition. It is not math, all about crunching the numbers or solving equations, but finding a natural flow to fit the squares’ parts without repeating either on the same row, column, or square. Establishing the missing number, spots that they should take, and looking at the bigger picture is challenging and exciting, making Sudoku a go-to for many gamers looking to tickle their skills with puzzles.  With online Sudoku free games, you no longer have an excuse to indulge in the fascinating puzzles using your favorite mobile device.

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