iTunes Festival App Comes to Apple TV and iDevices

If you can't get to London in September for the month-long iTunes Festival, don't sweat it. It's coming to you. Not only will an app be offered on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, but it will also be offered on the Apple TV.

More than sixty different artists will be performing in London over thirty days. Tickets to the event at the Roundhouse in London are free. You can apply to win tickets to every performance. But something tells me that iTunes figures on more people watching via their devices than live.

It's an exciting lineup of performers over thirty days. Usher, Norah Jones, The Killers (oddly, who Mitt Romney is claiming to be a big fan of), Pink, One Direction, MatchBox 20, and Mumford & Sons. Just those bands alone are worth the free download to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Acts are still being added, too. Alicia Keys was just added last Friday.

But let's not forget the Apple TV. iTunes has also decided to add the app to the Apple TV. You won't need to do anything special to get it. It will just appear, just as the Hulu app appeared not too long ago.

I just checked my own AppleTV, and it's already been added, along with the lineup and a trailer. The trailer shows some of the best moments of the festival over the last few years. The crowd singing Adele's Someone Like You definitely makes you want to be there. Here's the non-English version of the trailer, but you don't need to read the words to know how great this is going to be.


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