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Virto Commerce
Virto Commerce

B2B e-commerce remains to be a wildly competitive field. As a result, retailers require swiftness to react to regularly changing consumer expectations. The leading B2B e-Commerce platform developer, Virto Commerce, realized that they’ll find it hard to help consumers attain the performance level and scalability needed to compete in the absence of a sophisticated, e-commerce cloud solution that places B2B e-Commerce on an accelerated track.

That being the case, on September 01, 2021, Virto Commerce launched a headless, scalable, API-based, and extensible B2B e-Commerce platform that gives customers full control and a technology type that’s as fast as their business ideas. The company launched this product only a year after introducing another e-Commerce platform (Virto Commerce 3.x) that featured a vast range of multi-cloud hosting capabilities.

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Virto Commerce Cloud Features

The primary Virto Commerce Cloud features include an admin panel, SaaS API-controlled back office, and integration devices, including events, webhooks, and external extensibility points.

This cloud solution is the perfect back-end platform for multiple implementation teammates, including web development and software development partners. These professionals can use Virto Commerce Cloud as an ideal middleware structure for enterprise storefront apps.

Its go-to-market abilities offer actual back-office scalability & capabilities to ensure the framework’s functionality enlarges as the enterprise grows. Besides this, Virto Commerce Cloud’s headless architecture encourages the development group to create their personal touchpoints capable of using APIs to deeply incorporate with the solution’s e-Commerce engine.

The Cloud’s API-first feature makes it easy to pair the mission-critical systems with top-notch solutions. Also, this feature allows partners to develop and operate several stores for one client by using only a single copy of this newly launched Cloud Edition. The edition’s B2B features tick several B2B cases out of the box.

Virto Commerce managed to add all these features because of its extensive experience in delivering services with several firms of various sizes and different niches. This B2B e-Commerce Cloud is an accelerated track to the sophisticated e-Commerce field. Also, this Cloud solution can be recomposed/extended at any time.

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Virto Commerce Cloud Benefits

Virto Commerce allows customers to automatically get each update and ensure they don’t lose sleep because of the solution’s maintenance. Customers will get hands-free notifications and present-day B2B features.

Besides this, this solution allows users to use the pre-installed features to control their businesses. Customers find it easy to control pricing & orders and have easy access to an account-based catalog, B2B accounts, and top-notch B2B personalization tools. Besides globalizing the platform while entering new markets, the Cloud solution also allows customers to give permissions and roles.

Enjoying a zero-risk platform surrounded by service SLAs is another outstanding benefit offered by Virto Commerce. This solution takes care of security, hosting, and updates as customers enlarge and scale their businesses with less hassle. Moreover, this platform makes it easy to bring out the solution code.

This flexible B2B e-Commerce platform is the right fit for the customers’ unique businesses. Inside the Cloud solution, you’ll find orders, a shopping cart, a B2B catalog, globalization, quotes, account management, B2B pricing, inventory management, and marketing & promotions.

Customers also enjoy Virto Commerce Cloud’s flexibility. With this feature, you can utilize the real extensible cloud platform to sell via B2B2C, D2C, and B2B channels. Moreover, don’t expect to spend any time on installation and configuration because of the API’s pre-installed B2B scenarios, effortless onboarding, and several built-in B2B e-Commerce capabilities.

The built-in scalability allows customers to pay as they grow. Virto Commerce Cloud offers a thirty-day free trial and transparent pricing options for the customer’s complete control. It offers the quickest onboarding, support, and pre-fixed B2B features, meaning customers cannot expect to waste time and pay some cash for development.

Generally, Virto Commerce Cloud has played an indispensable role in making B2B e-commerce simple. With this B2B platform, customers get a chance to add custom features, further changes, test innovative ideas, and increase the return on investment of their e-commerce.

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