Leaked Case Photos Hint at 4 Speakers, Flash for iPad Air 3

Leaked Case Photos Hint at 4 Speakers, Flash for iPad Air 3

A week ago, we reported about a design drawing hinting that the iPad Air 3 would come with four speakers and a camera flash. New photos of a supposed case for the tablet, leaked by the same source, lend further evidence to the theory that these features will indeed be included in the mid-sized slate.

The photos once again come from Steve Hemmerstoffer, the experienced tech leaker and editor of NowhereElse.fr. Claiming that this protective shell, pictured from several angles, was manufactured by a company based in Shenzhen, he observes that it clearly shows holes that would accommodate both of the rumored additions of the quadruple speakers and flash.


What looks like an orange dummy model of the iPad Air 3 is even visibly placed into the shell in many of the leaked images. These details don’t quite confirm, beyond a reasonable doubt, the tablet’s final design; Hemmerstoffer himself has acknowledged this, but further noted that history has shown leaks like these to often reliably indicate what to indeed expect in upcoming devices.

Another good reason to have faith in the authenticity of the conclusions drawn here is that the iPad Air 3, as it will presumably be called, is now likely less than two months away from an official unveiling. The device could also include Apple Pencil compatibility, though this remains far from a foregone conclusion.

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