Leaked Photo of SIM Card Trays Suggests Space Black iPhone 7

Leaked Photo of SIM Card Trays Suggests Space Black iPhone 7

Following rumor that Apple is about to add a Space Black color option when it unveils the iPhone 7 next month, one reliable tech leaker today shared a photo of what are purported to be SIM card trays for the iPhone 7 in such a color.

Three trays in what what is very much black, rather than the almost-silver Space Gray color that Apple has long offered iPhones and iPads in, are shown in the photo. NowhereElse.fr editor Steve Hemmerstoffer was responsible for bringing this image to light on his Twitter page.

Earlier this year, a number of press outlets – including 9to5Mac, Japanese blog Macotakara and Chinese rumor site Storm – have suggested that the iPhone 7 could be released in a shade akin to the Space Black that Apple already offers as an option for the Apple Watch.

Should Apple actually go ahead with this option for the iPhone 7, it would be the darkest shade that any iPhone has been made available in since the ‘slate’ model of the iPhone 5 was released in late 2012. Designer Martin Hajek has made renders, pictured above, of what a Space Black iPhone 7 could look like.

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