macOS App Review: Remo Video Repair Easily repair corrupted video files

Whether you shoot video content for fun or it’s your profession, having a reliable camera is the first step towards success. And though cameras such as the Sony A77 and Canon 500D are great for capturing clean, crisp footage, sometimes those files can become compromised – or worse still, corrupt – leaving you without a special memory or career-defining shot. The good news is that there’s a piece of software available to help you – Remo video repair for Mac. Below, we delve deeper into the video repair tool and share our thoughts with you…


What is the Remo Video Repair Software?

Remo Software is a Microsoft Gold Partner and creates a bunch of software designed to make technology more straightforward for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

Their core products center around data recovery and repair, and over the years, they’ve added a whole host of innovative features that make lives easier and help us hold onto our content.

Their flagship product is the Remo Video Repair Software, available for Windows and Mac, which features an in-built repair algorithm tool that repairs video files that have been either damaged or corrupted.

There are lots of reasons why your data may become corrupt, from an error that occurred during recording, transferring your clip from a camera to a desktop, a dead battery, a bad flashcard or fault slot, or even a dropped or broken camera post-shoot.

Remo’s tool is designed to repair videos of all popular file formats, covering the likes of MOV, AVI, DIVX, and XVID, and the chances are that your camera’s file format is included in that list. What’s particularly great to note is that the software is free to download, and with tech support, a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the premium version, and more than ten million downloads around the world, it’s clear to see why this is one of the most popular tools.


Features of the Remo Video Repair Software


Multiple file formats repaired: Perhaps one of the most useful features of the tool is that it supports most major video file formats, so you can repair AVI files on a Mac, or any other format including AVI, DIVX, XVID. This includes video formats mp4v, MOV, MP4, and audio codecs like RAW, mp4a, and PRIV; basically, all of the big ones!

Almost all cameras supported: Whether you’re looking to repair footage from your DLSR camera, drone, GoPro camera, CCTV camera, or from your iPhone or iPad, the tool has you covered. It supports dozens of devices including those from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, GoPro, DJI, and Sony, as well as FujiFilm, Samsung, Kodak, and both Android (Samsung, Google, Xiaomi) and iPhone smartphones.

Copy file: Another key benefit to the software is that it works on copy files so that your original damaged video file isn’t further damaged or corrupted. When you open a file in the software, it’ll automatically copy it to a temporary drive where the repair can take place; that way, you’re still able to hold onto the original file for future use.

Repairs broken videos: For videos that refuse to play on media players like Apple’s QuickTime, and for videos unable to play due to common error codes including the 2048 error and 23132 error, Remo Video Repair will repair them for you to playback.

Compatible with macOS: One of the biggest selling points is that this software works with all versions of macOS, including Catalina and Apple’s upcoming macOS Big Sur release, which is one of the biggest upgrades in the history of the Mac.

Straightforward user interface: Remo has made the process of repairing videos as simple as possible, and the clean, flat user interface means you can repair content in three clicks. You don’t need to spend time reading a manual or watching tutorials.

Free preview service: You don’t need to pay for the software until you’re confident it works. Remo Video Repair comes with a free preview of repaired video files, so you can verify the repair process and be confident that your video footage is restored.

First-class customer support: If you need a helping hand with your video content, the Remo team is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer technical live chat support. No question is too silly and they can talk you through the process.

About Remo Software: Founded in 2011, Remo Software – a Microsoft Gold Partner, develops software to make technology easy for non-tech users. The company started off as a consumer software provider of data recovery & repair tools. Remo Software is a trend setter in the software utility space with the launch of several innovative features in its software.

Our ranking

Pros Cons
Great user interface Perhaps oversimplified
Try before you buy Must pay for premium features
Impressive compatibility Not every video can be repaired
First-class customer care Live chat only; phone calls would help
Fast and efficient Only repair one video at a time

Another spending a short while experimenting with the Remo Data Recovery Tool, we rank it 9.5/10.

Users are easily able to repair video files, whether they’ve been damaged, corrupted or broken, and files are repaired safely in read-only mode, ensuring that sensitive, important content isn’t further damaged beyond repair. With a familiar and simple user interface and sleek performance makes repairing videos fast and reliable, we think that the Data Recovery Tool is something that every videographer should have in their arsenal. Paired with the Video Repair Tool offered by Remo, which can fix audio-video sync issues and header corruptions, there’s no reason to worry when shooting your video again; Remo has everything covered!


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