Mobile Betting Apps: The Future of Wagering on the Go

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The future of wagering on the go is really right here right now. It’s already at your fingertips, with mobile technology having come a very long way in the last decade. It is extremely uncommon nowadays to find a reputable online betting site that has not developed a betting app of its own.

This stands to reason because providing players with an easy way to get to a sportsbook is a benefit for them. User-bases and customer retention increase. 

With mobile phones such commonplace in the modern world, then that’s a huge potential for extra income that bookies offering numerous payment options, such as PayPal or Revolut betting sites or others  – can get from apps. For the end-user there is great service, features, and convenience that is the big benefit. 

But what does the growth and explosion of mobile betting apps mean for players? What are the best of the sports betting features that can be found on them and what may the future of betting apps hold? 

The Convenience of Sportsbook Markets

The first and most obvious benefit of having access to mobile betting apps is that you have a sportsbook to hand. Whether it’s chilling on the sofa, or out taking a walk in the park, players can whip out their device and with the click of an icon, get into their sportsbook account. 

Long gone are the days when you had to sit at a desktop or a computer and browse a sportsbook. With specially-constructed betting apps that operators invest in, full experiences of everything from account management, to making secure payments and withdrawals can be enjoyed. 

But for the day-to-day bettor, just having rapid and secure access to the betting markets and a steady influx of bonuses and live streams whenever you want, is the gain.

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Security & Data

Another huge benefit of having a mobile betting app is that it can be locked down, giving an extra layer of security. With common security features like 2-Factor Authentication and biometrics log-in, apps are secure.

Because of the way they are designed and built, mobile betting apps tend to be more friendly towards data plans as well, than mobile versions of betting sites are. Things like transactions and uploading documents for verification are still fully encrypted and secure through mobile apps. 

In-Play Betting & Strategies

For the betting angle, then the ability to easily jump into live sports betting opportunities is a huge draw of apps. The launch of in-play betting quickly fell into step with the development of mobile betting and now they make the perfect pairing.

So if you are sitting in front of the TV watching a game, you can call up live football betting markets, or keep your finger poised on the cash-out option for an active bet. Just having those live markets and tools to hand can be priceless for punters. 

Many players form firm sports betting strategies around in-play opportunities, like hedging bets. That’s because the live markets tend to offer better prices than pre-match quotes. Being able to control that efficiently through betting apps has been a game-changer.

What the Future May Bring

Betting apps may already feel like the future. But there is bound to be more to come and it’s always exciting to think about what the future may bring. Technology will continue its rapid march and there appears to be no escaping the big wave of AI that is happening at the moment.

That’s bound to drive forward new innovations. With AI-powered software running, mobile betting apps are likely to get even more advanced. That could be in many different areas from more accurate pricing of odds to delivering more targeted promotions and personalized betting markets to individual players.

AR, VR & Wearables

The big step into the future is probably going to be Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The potential is endless with these from a betting perspective, from AR loading current markets on events when you point your phone at a live match on TV, to engaging in virtual reality sports betting hang-outs.

Another big advancement is likely to be through wearables. Already smartwatches are prominent and it will probably get to the point where betting is going to get easier through them. It could be flashing up the latest updates and insights of a match and receiving push notifications of the latest game-related odds.

While mobile apps on smartphones are currently the go-to, they may not stay that way. It may ultimately shift to wearables if the technology can be fully adapted. One thing’s for sure and that is bookmakers will continue to develop bigger, better, and more appealing apps that keep players engaged.

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