Mophie announces plans to launch its own version of AirPower

If you were disappointed that Apple canceled plans to launch AirPower, you might be in luck.

Speaking at CES to Bloomberg, Mophie’s parent company Zagg confirmed that it had been working on a new wireless charging mat that was similar to AirPower, which Apple canceled.

The company said that its new charging accessory would be capable of charging iPhones and other smart devices wherever they’re placed on the charging mat, similar to AirPower.

There’s no clarification just yet on whether Zagg will be able to launch a charging pad that can charge the Apple Watch, or whether the company will limit the charging to Qi-based devices, but even if only the latter is true, it’s a hugely exciting time for Apple fans.

When Apple scrapped its AirPower charging pad, the company said it had struggled to implement overlapping charging coils that were necessary for charging across the pad.

It was hoped that the AirPower could charge AirPods, an Apple Watch, and an iPhone at once.

There are already AirPower-like chargers on the market that are able to charge all three devices, but at present, each device must be placed in a specific charging spot on the pad for it to work.

With Zagg’s new solution, users will be able to place devices anywhere.

Speaking to Bloomberg, the company’s marketing executive Brad Bell said that it was still pitching the device to retailers and gathering feedback, so it’s unknown when we’ll see the product in the flesh. Indeed, it’s possible the pad could be scrapped before it even launches.

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