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New Apple TV with App Store to be Revealed in September

We have previously reported hints of a new Apple TV on the horizon, most recently earlier this month – and now it seems that we can indeed expect a new version of the set-top box to be officially revealed in September. A wealth of exciting new features are apparently in store for a product the hardware of which has not been updated since 2012.

The report of the new Apple TV comes from Buzzfeed News, which has learned that Apple will first show off the product, very likely alongside the next iPhones, at a September event. Hardware improvements will include an A8 processor, touchpad-based remote and new, slimmer design. Among the new software, meanwhile, will be a better OS and dedicated App Store.

All of these details reportedly come from sources with knowledge of Apple’s intentions, as does news that Apple will release a software development kit to enable developers to make apps for the device. This confirms a rumor in June that the Apple TV was set to get support for third party apps.

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