New drone footage shows progress at Apple Park

Brand new footage was released just yesterday by drone videographer, Duncan Sinfield, on his YouTube channel.  The video shows a bird’s eye view of exciting new construction on the Apple Park, the company’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The importance of the indigenous trees

When the park is finished, it will encompass around 9,000 trees and the beginning of this dominating forest is already underway.  The overall structure has been completed for a while, and now the focus has shifted to landscaping.  Apple strives to find only the best trees for the park in order to fulfill Steve Jobs’ vision.

Steve Jobs designed the park to nostalgically reflect his childhood.  The outside walls of the yoga room have been distressed to reflect his favorite Yosemite Hotel and winding paths set between the indigenous trees are reminiscent of the Bay Area where he grew up.

The trees are vitally important, therefore, and now have become the focus of the next stage of production.  The trees have been grown in East Bay nurseries and now are being shipped into the park, some of which bear fruit.

Growing anticipation for the opening of the Visitor’s Centre

Some staff have already moved in and are working hard at Apple Park.  An announcement stated that Tantau Avenue had been closed to vehicles throughout July in a strive to open the Visitor’s Centre as soon as possible.

The Visitor’s Centre, which is located separately from the main campus, has just recently begun hiring staff.  This colossal visitor’s centre will include a brand new Apple store and a cafe and will span over 10,000 square feet.

The official opening of the park is only a matter of weeks away and while we think we know a lot of its secrets, Apple Park will certainly have a few surprises up its sleeves.

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