New iPhone XI Leaks Show Off Triple-Camera Module

New iPhone XI leaks have shown off the triple-camera module for the first time.

As previously reported, Apple is expected to introduce a new triple-camera feature in all three of its 2019 iPhone models, and whilst that will be great for photography, the design is proving to be somewhat controversial, moving away from Apple’s traditional polished finish…

New images from influential Apple insider Slashleaks have revealed the iPhone XI molds, which are reportedly given to third-party manufacturers so that they can prepare cases and accessories for the devices ahead of launch.

The new triple-camera module on the rear of the smartphones looks alien to Apple fans, who are used to a clear and crisp design.

For the first time, the iPhone is expected to ship with a large, protruding rear-camera set-up that houses three cameras and a flash module.

As an outsider, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the molds were for an Android variant, though these widely-reported leaks suggest that the new iPhone design is virtually set in stone, featuring arguably the least-attractive rear design in the history of the iPhone.

The leaks also show off the front of the new iPhone models, sporting the same large notches that were criticized upon release.

Although other manufacturers have managed to create notch-free designs and triple and quadruple cameras that are subtly integrated into the chassis of the phone, Apple’s design is more obvious, though there are benefits.

As previously reported, all three 2019 iPhone models are expected to include triple-lens cameras for the first time, similar to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, released in November.

A later report from popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that all three models will also include a brand new 12-megapixel camera on the front of all three devices, suggesting huge improvements in camera capability – great for photographers and selfie-obsessed teenagers.

The reaction to Apple’s new triple-camera design has been mixed, with many complaining that the raised rear module looks “ugly” and could have been better cased.

Others have said that, as Apple needs to raise the rear to accommodate three cameras, it could have made the entire iPhone a couple of millimeters thicker to accommodate a larger battery pack, too.

One designer even showed off his own iPhone XI concept, mounted more flush to the case.

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