New renders show off what Apple VR headset could look like

New renders have offered a new glimpse at Apple’s long-awaited AR/VR headset.

Renders By Ian has shared some stunning new images of what the new headset could look like, based on rumors and speculation from Apple critics and insiders. Citings from within the company have revealed that the new headset could look very similar to these mockups, and with an announcement widely expected to be made in 2022, we could soon have our hands on them!

The renders are based on information from a report by The Information, which cited internal images of a late-stage prototype of the device. It’s thought that the new headset will feature a headband that’s similar to an Apple Watch band that can, presumably, be changed, with a soft inner mesh that rests against the user’s face. The headband will reportedly be adjustable to make it more comfortable and better-fitting.

The front of the device will sport a black, elegant look, and a Side button will be available on the left, top side of the headset, presumably to perform functions such as turning up the volume and pausing.

In the renders, the headset is named Apple View, though there have been several reports to suggest it could be called Apple Glasses or the Apple Headset, so nothing is concrete right now.

Are you excited by these renders? Let us know and check back soon for the latest.

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