OLED MacBook Pro Likely Coming in 2026 Apple is expected to release its first OLED MacBook Pro models in 2026, according to tech analyst firm Omdia.

M3 MacBook Pro | Space Black
M3 MacBook Pro | Space Black

Omdia’s latest report forecasts a significant rise in demand for OLED screens in laptops, projecting a 37% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2031.

This increase mirrors a broader trend of integrating OLED panels into premium notebooks and tablets across various brands. Apple’s recent introduction of OLED iPads is anticipated to push competitors to adopt this technology more rapidly in their own products.

Ricky Park, Senior Principal Analyst in Omdia’s Display research practice, highlighted the strong likelihood of Apple incorporating OLED technology into its MacBook Pro models by 2026. Park noted:

“Apple is highly likely to incorporate OLED into its MacBook Pro models as early as 2026. This move could spark a significant surge in OLED demand within the notebook market, potentially reaching over 60 million units by 2031.”


Prior reports have revealed that a 13-inch OLED MacBook Air is under development, with Samsung Display set to be the exclusive supplier of these screens. This version will utilize 6th-generation OLED technology, while the upcoming MacBook Pro models are expected to feature more advanced 8th-generation panels. These advancements promise better display quality and efficiency, setting a new standard for Apple’s high-end laptops.


The shift to OLED for MacBooks represents a strategic move for Apple, aligning with its trend of enhancing display technology across its product range. The company’s first OLED iPads are already making waves, which suggests that OLED MacBooks will be well-received in the market. This transition is part of a broader industry pattern where premium devices increasingly favor OLED displays for their superior color accuracy, contrast ratios, and energy efficiency.

Samsung’s role in this transition is significant. The company is investing $3 billion in the development of the necessary technology to produce these advanced OLED panels. This investment underscores the importance of OLED technology in the future of mobile PCs and tablets.

Samsung’s exclusive partnership to supply these displays for Apple’s devices also highlights the close collaboration between the two tech giants in pioneering display innovations.

The introduction of OLED MacBook Pro models is expected to have a ripple effect on the industry. As Apple adopts this technology, other manufacturers are likely to follow suit, accelerating the adoption of OLED displays across the board. This move is poised to reshape the market dynamics, driving innovation and setting new benchmarks for display quality in laptops.

This transition, supported by Samsung’s technological advancements and significant investment, promises to elevate the standard for laptop displays and meet the growing consumer demand for high-quality, visually stunning devices.

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