POTUS Barack Obama Checks In Via Reddit IAmA and a Mac

This is the 2012 United States election, Folks. Town hall meetings have become passé. Both President Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney have Twitter handles (@BarackObama and @MittRomney). While we used to be able to talk about it being something different that the elections were fought and won via televisions, that's old school. This election could be fought and won over the Internet.

While Mitt Romney was busy at the Republican National Convention, President Barack Obama busied himself conducting a Reddit IAmA session via a Mac. He announced this session on his Twitter. The session seemed to stuff Reddit's servers, but for the promised thirty-minute session, President Obama was able to get in several answers to submitted questions.

The POTUS left the “ask me anything” session on time, after encouraging everyone to vote in November, and after saying that his opinion of the Reddit experience was “not bad,” so that he could be sure and be on time for his 6:30 PM dinner. He stated that when in D.C. he never misses dinner with the wife and kids, even if it means going back to the Oval Office to finish up work later in the evening.

The burning question is if Mitt Romney will somehow “answer” this Internet media blitz by President Obama.


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