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The e-commerce industry continues to grow and evolve as more consumers use their mobile phones and computers to order products online. However, e-commerce operators may become overwhelmed by new technological trends, making it hard to determine what innovations work best for their businesses. Launching an online store without defining your growth strategy is a big mistake. Finding ways to foster growth is essential to build a successful e-commerce company. Here are four tips worth considering. 

Improve your branding

The domination of the e-commerce space by major brands like Amazon increasingly makes it difficult for small retailers to rise to the top without good branding. Differentiating your brand is one crucial factor that can contribute to your growth. Studies show that about 80% of buyers purchase products because of the brand name; investors also prioritize this factor. Therefore, you must think like a great brand marketer when building your business. Nurturing a strong community and offering high-quality products/services are proven ideas for building a positive brand image. 

Provide affordable shipping

One study by Walker Sands discovered that free shipping is a major incentive that prompts customers to shop for online products more frequently. Same-day shipping is another strategy that encourages consumers to shop online. It would help if your e-commerce store offered efficient and affordable shipping services to convert one-time shoppers into repeat clients. Consider offering free delivery for orders above a specific value. Lowering your shipping costs can help reduce shipping cart abandonment. While pricing is important, you should also prioritize effective service delivery. Therefore, leverage affordable but efficient 3PL solutions for SMB’s to meet your small package and freight needs. Third-party logistics companies can offer industry-leading shipping solutions to transform your e-commerce operations as your business grows.

Render excellent customer service

 Remember that your customer service can make or unmake your business. One way to improve customer retention is to offer consumers a seamless shopping experience. Since buyers can’t physically touch your products before making a purchase, you need to find ways to eliminate their worries by designing a stress-free online shopping environment. Instil confidence in your buyers and readily offer the necessary support when they experience issues making a purchase. Today, about nine in ten online buyers rely on reviews to help make smart purchase decisions, so you should prioritize your customer service. Bad customer reviews don’t only hurt your customer retention; they also discourage new potential buyers from ever trying your products.


It can be challenging for e-commerce business owners to effectively run every aspect of their companies alone. Achieving sustainable growth requires knowing when to outsource certain tedious tasks. Getting assistance from experts saves you time and money while allowing you to manage the day-to-day activities of your business. Are you wondering what tasks are better handled by professionals?

Online presence

Digital marketing can be challenging for small businesses due to the time and skills required to succeed, so web design and social media management are examples of tasks worth outsourcing.

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