Report: 4-Inch iPhone with 2GB RAM About to Enter Production

Next month will see the recently rumored new 4-inch iPhone, now said to come with 2GB of RAM, enter mass production – according to the Chinese-language site, which cites supply chain sources.

According to the site, employees at major Apple supplier Foxconn have revealed that the 4-inch screen and “metal fuselage material” of the new 4-inch iPhone make it “almost the same” in physical measurement to the iPhone 5S launched just over two years ago.

The site also claims an “expected” 2GB of RAM, which would match that of this year’s iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and a 1642mAh battery. The battery of the iPhone 5S, in comparison, reaches 1570mAh – so, we can realistically expect slightly longer battery life with this new model.

Also mentioned here are a number of details previously reported elsewhere – including those of an A9 processor and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the latter possibly as part of Apple Pay functionality.

Finally, cites a price – presumably a starting price – of “more than 3,000 yuan”. The iPhone 5C currently starts at such a price in China, which suggests that Apple intends the new 4-inch model, likely to be called the iPhone 6C, to become the new entry-level iPhone.

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