Revered Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App Now Offers iPad Support

Revered Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App Now Offers iPad Support

Though Night Shift in the upcoming iOS 9.3 will help iPad users to better experiences with sleep, in the meantime, they can now make use of an iPad version of the acclaimed Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app.

The app’s iPhone version has been available for many years, and is basically an intelligent alarm clock that analyses your sleep and then wakes you up when you will feel especially rested and relaxed. iPad owners can now benefit from this and the intriguing underpinning technology…

As on iPhone, the app on iPad can use the device’s microphone and developer Northcube AB’s patented sound analysis technology to detect as you enter different sleep phases, from deep sleep right through to light sleep. According to sleep science, how tired you are upon awakening depends on what phase you are in when the alarm goes off – so, the app will wake you during your lightest sleep phase.

The app will, however, always wake you during a thirty-minute window that you have previously specified – making it especially promising if you currently sleep in with frustratingly high regularity. For both iPhone and iPad, the app is now free to download, with some advanced features available at small charge.

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