Review: Speck Products iGuy iPad Case

If you haven’t heard about Speck Products’ interesting and unique iGuy iPad Case, then be sure to check out this small preview we did before you read the following.

I finally got to see this case firsthand yesterday, and I just had to immediately share my thoughts. I’d been anxiously waiting to see what “quality” of product I was going to get, because to be honest, most fun or quirky cases are often made with poor and easily-damaged materials. It’s tough to find a cohesive iPad case that is functional and modern and actually serves the main purpose of protecting your device. After all, isn’t that why we seek out cases in the first place? And most of us don’t just want a case that helps to protect against scratches and dings; we crave a “holder” that will shield our precious tech from drops.

Upon first opening the iGuy package, I was presented with a “much larger than I assumed” casing. This was a good thing, trust me. The website doesn’t really do the shell justice; it’s actually much thicker and sturdier looking out of the box than it is online. The case itself is made out of a durable high density foam that feels great, looks great, and will give you a mass of protection that surrounds your entire device. In fact, once snapped in, it also seems as if you have at least a half inch of foam that sticks out around the entire iPad. This foam not only acts as a very handy grip, but also makes for a good shock absorber. If you drop your device, no matter what angle, the high density foam will immediately react, keeping your iPad from cracking or denting.

Snapping your device into the housing is incredibly simple too. You just stick one side in and then use a little force to tug the other side up so that the entire iPad basically “pops inward.” It’s a snug fit; however, it’s a little loose when it comes to the iPad HD. There is a small amount of wiggle room, but it’s not enough for the iPad to come falling out if you lose your grip on it. This device was meant to fit all iPad models, which would explain the small amount of space with the iPad HD, which has thinner and more beveled edges than its predecessors.

The case features small “flexible” arms that are perfect for your little one who may have a hard time hanging on to the “heavier” tablet, but to be honest, it works very well for adults, too, when watching a TV show or movie. The little grips give you a much better and more comfortable experience as you hold the screen in your lap. There are also two giant “molded” feet that were made in a very exaggerated fashion. These feet bevel out a bit, allowing the case to “free stand.” This is great for displaying the piece as a pseudo modern art picture frame. Simply set your device to play a “slide show,” and iGuy will give you a great way to display it.

Charging, listening to music, and any other task can all be done, too, even if the iPad is in the case. Expertly crafted slots are the perfect size, allowing you to plug your charger and headphones in. There is also a specialized slot that allows you to tap the “lock key” on the top of your device.. The only issue here is that the foam is so thick in some places that it makes “deep wells” that lead to your plugins. This can make it a little difficult to get things plugged in. It would also be very nice to see a special slot to stick a stylus pen, for better, safer keeping. Those very minor suggestions aside though, this case has all of the necessary slots and openings to keep your device fully functional.

When I first saw this case, I tried to be fair to its design, and I’ll be honest in saying I immediately pegged it as “simply for children.” But after having a handon experience with it, I can say that I was probably just judging a book by its cover. It sleek, unique, and has a very modern flair about it. Its color choices, its overall design, and the quality material it is made out of makes this a case that is worthy of all ages. It gives you better comfort when you’re viewing things, and it’s a very fun way to display photos, videos, and games.

But most of all, it’s protective. It’s going to keep your device enveloped in a thick layer of shock-absorbent foam, which is going to give you peace of mind and help to protect your investment. This is easily one of the best iPad cases I have seen to date, not just because of its fun design and unique art deco flair, but chiefly because it’s made with such quality and care and will keep you from walking on eggshells whenever you’re holding your device.

If you want to secure your own iGuy (and I would highly recommend doing so), then be sure to visit Speck’s website. These cases currently run at USD $39.99 and come in four distinctive colors: Peacock, Lime, Mango, and Grape. This case will currently work with every iPad released to date, including the upcoming iPad 4th Generation.

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