Rovio Releases Two More Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Videos

Angry Birds fans rejoice! Two more gameplay trailers have popped up on YouTube, giving us a better glimpse at Rovio’s upcoming epic, Angry Birds Star Wars. If you missed the recently released trailer featuring Luke (the red bird) and Leia (the pink bird), then be sure to check it out first before watching the next two.

This first video features Han Solo, played by the cocky yellow bird, and his sidekick Chewbacca, who has the iconic Big Bro bird donning a shaggy costume to fit the part. We get a glimpse at Han Solo’s powers, which appear to be three consecutive laser shots from his trusty blaster as he flies through the air. This is the first time in Angry Birds history that the yellow bird hasn’t had a dive-bomb type ability. Big Bro Chewbacca shares a similar ability to his previous roles and acts as a giant furry cannon ball.

This second video gives us a look at C-3PO (the white bird) and R2D2 (oddly enough just an egg) in action. The golden robot acts much like the bomb bird did in previous games and simply explodes when tapped. However, this time the explosion comes laced with shrapnel that can strike objects and enemies as it proceeds outward from the initial blast area. The R2D2 “egg” has a rather crazy electrical pulse that chains together across enemies and objects. It’s not exactly clear how this chain behaves from the video as we only get a small glimpse of it.

These videos also show us a few space scenes complete with the same anti-gravity we saw in Angry Birds Space. This has confirmed that their newest release will have a mixture of both space and normal type levels. These trailers have really amped me up for the new title, and I hope they’ve done the same for you! Be sure to catch Angry Birds Star Wars when it drops into the App Store on November 8th!

Photo Credit: Rovio

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