Rumors about the ‘Apple Car’ seemingly confirmed after sunroof patent is granted

It has been reported that this week, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent for a car sunroof, in what seems a sure indication that the tech giant’s vehicle is progressing through development.

The sunroof as patented would have variable opacity glass, meaning the driver would be able to reduce the sunroof’s transparency. The patent also shows that the sunroof opens in sequence with side windows.

In short, drivers of the Apple Car will apparently be able to choose how much sunlight they want to let into the car, without having to open the sunroof. It seems very conceivable that users could have sunroof adjustments available to them on CarPlay or through Siri.

Of course, the biggest takeaway from this patent is the supposed confirmation that Apple is working on its own car.

Suggestions that Apple is designing and testing its own self-driving vehicle system have been reported for a while now, as well as speculation that the Cupertino firm has been talking about manufacturing plans with other companies.

Despite the confirmation of the sunroof patent, it has been reported that Apple is probably still at least three or four years away from being in a position to formally launch any eventual ‘Apple Car’.

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