Apple Car could launch as soon as 2025

Apple is reportedly gearing up for a 2025 release for its new Apple Car.

The Cupertino company has been working on its own car for a number of years, and according to Bloomberg, we’re getting closer to a release date. The firm has ‘refocused’ the project in recent months and is now centred around fully self-driving vehicles.

Apple reportedly began work on its own car back in 2014, and since then we’ve heard multiple rumors to suggest the project has stopped and started dozens of times. It had been said at one point that Apple had cancelled its plans to work on a car altogether, with the firm working on software instead, but since 2020 a fully-fledged car has been back on the table.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has been working on two separate paths to an Apple Car: one offering self-driving capabilities, and one fully self-driving without the need for any human interaction. It’s thought that it’s the second model that Apple is now pursuing, and with years of experience under its belt, the car could come as soon as 2025.

The firm has developed a custom car chip which, naturally, is the most advanced component the company has ever made. Its purpose is to power the artificial intelligence needed to self-drive, and as it’s likely to run hot, it needs a cooling system to power.

Right now, the Apple Car does not feature a steering wheel or pedals, though the company is reportedly still considering implementing a steering wheel so that people could take over driving in an emergency situation. Apple will also ship the car with an iPad-like tablet in the centre of the vehicle, which users could interact with and use to control music and climate.

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