Samsung S6 to Cost over $1,000?

Samsung Galaxy S6

New reports claim that some models of the forthcoming Samsung S6 smartphone will cost over $1,000. Claims suggest that the 128GB Galaxy S6 Edge is to cost almost $1,200, whilst the standard 128GB model will come with a price tag of nearly $1100. Non-curved 32GB and 64GB models are likely to cost $850 and $964 respectively, with curved models retailing at around $100 more.

These figures mark a significant shift from the pricing of the S5 model, which was available for around $650. They would apparently reflect features including the new premium design of the new models as well as new chips, mobile payment facilities and a brand new re-think of TouchWiz.

The S6 and S6 Edge are due to be launched at the start of March and will come complete with 4GB of RAM, up to 20MP camera, Bluetooth Smart and v64-bit CPU. The S6 will go on sale at the end of March whilst the Edge models will hit the shelves towards the close of April. The new phones will be launched just before the Mobile World Congress begins. The S5 shipped 10 million units in 25 days, which made it the fastest-selling smartphone in Samsung history.

Recent rumors suggested that the S6 would come with an all-glass design.

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