Samsung’s AirPods competitor, Galaxy Beans, leaked in new video What are your thoughts on these AirPods rivals?

Samsung’s new Galaxy Beans earbuds have leaked in a video on social media.

The technology giant was widely expected to unveil the new earbuds at next month’s virtual Unpacked event, alongside the Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Note 20, as well as two new Galaxy tablets, in one of the biggest hardware announcements in the firm’s history.

Although the design of the new AirPods competitor leaked a couple of months ago, we now have a closer looks at the Beans in all of their glory, in three stunning color options.

Thanks to Twitter user WalkingCat, we can see that the new Galaxy Beans will be sold in black, white, and a new copper color that corresponds to the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phone.

Sporting the tagline “keep the noise out, let the sound in,” these earbuds are reported to include Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), a feature that was missing from the Galaxy Buds.

It had previously been reported that the Beans would feature a 13mm one-way speaker and sell for around $179 in the United States, making them more expensive than the original Galaxy Buds.

It could be that Beans are positioned as the premium AirPods Pro-style device and that Samsung will continue selling the Galaxy Buds, perhaps at a reduced price point.

Samsung’s latest earbuds follow a long line of AirPods competitors, which are now the most popular earphones in the world. Apple is slowly pivoting towards Apple-branded audio devices and it’s expected that it will launch its own over-ear headphones in September.

Apple has also taken the controversial decision to remove the free EarPods from its iPhone packaging from this year, and will instead encourage consumers to buy a pair of AirPods.

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